Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{what I’m loving}

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are half way through the week…woo hoo! As always, I am linking up with Jamie's fabulous blog!


This week, I am loving:

{one} The chance to run outside! I went for my first run outside in a long time on Sunday and it was fabulous! I went again yesterday at lunch as I work close to the pathways by the river. Both times were super windy, but I will take it.
Before my run on Sunday and I was super excited!

{two} Words with Friends. Yesterday, Rachel and I were talking about iPhones and then both downloaded the game. Pretty sure our first game carried on throughout the night! And that Rachel kicked my ass! I smell a re-match in our future Smile If you want to play me (and more than likely win!) my username is Leakster3

{three} Nike Training for the iPhone.  I had downloaded the app a while ago, but finally used it for the second time last night. For a 25 minute-ish workout using your body weight and a set of light weights, it had me sweating in no time! It’s a larger app, so I definitely recommend downloading it to your computer first. But so worth the time Smile

{four} My sweet, sweet puppy! He is definitely picking up and learning a lot more stuff. Like how to drop his ball so that we can throw it for him and how to ride in a car without whining.
Not sure if he was helping me blog here or creeping on Facebook Winking smile

What are you loving this week?


  1. Yay for running outside! I'm so happy that I can run outside pretty much year-round in Kamloops (sometimes I just have to bundle up a lot!) This week I'm loving that when I get home from my morning runs it's LIGHT OUT!! Spring is coming! Slowly!! Haha

  2. Dude I had to "resign" our game because I couldn't go! So you won!! Go you!!

  3. Yeah for outside runs! Cruz can't wait! Harley is so cute!:)

  4. I really need some new workout clothes to go with my new running hobby. Any recs for shoes?! You look adorable BTW.

  5. i love running outside :) and sweet pups that keep us company! happy wednesday!

  6. I love to run too! I am still stuck in the gym however. Soon it will be warm for me! Do you run races too?

  7. I adore my iPhone--and all the fun apps! I'll have to get that Nike one...I'd been a longtime user of Nike+, until I got a stress fracture last month during marathon training. BOO! I'll have to live vicariously through your running until April. Have a great night, my dear! xoxo {av}

  8. Ahh, I have to say, I am loving finally being able to run outside again regardless of the wind!

    Your puppy is adorable!

  9. Must be warming up if you can run outside! yay!



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