Thursday, March 3, 2011

ABC’s of me

I’ve seen this around the blogsphere like here and here and I thought I would play along Smile

Age: 24

Bed: King! The best investment that we’ve made so far. Although when I wake up cold at night, it’s a long ways to roll over and find body warmth from Mr.D

Chore you dislike: ironing! I will not and haven’t done it so far

Dogs: Harley, how can you forget that cute face? SmileIMG_1095

Essential start to your day: the snooze button! I build in extra time in the morning so I can hit snooze. I can never get out of bed the first time my alarm goes off. I love my sleep!

Favorite colour: Green

Gold or silver: Both my engagement and wedding band are white gold. I am not a huge fan of gold on me

Height: No more than 5’2. I am a wee thing, I know.

Instruments you have played: I tried piano lessons but that didn’t go so well! I definitely not gifted when it comes to musical instruments.

Job title: Labour Relations Assistant/Adminstration

Kids: Not yet, but hopefully in the next couple of years. And Mr.D if you are reading, we are having three! Smile

Live: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Mom’s Name: Sandra or Sandy

Nicknames: Leakster, leaky (don’t ask)

Overnight hospital stays: zero and I would like to keep it that way until kids! Can you believe that I have never broken a bone, had a bloody nose or had stitches?! I am knocking on wood now

Pet peeve: people who are late, drivers who sit in the fast lane and go below the speed limit, people who stop dead while walking in the middle of a crowd

Quote from a movie: It’s actually a youtube video, but it’s “what, what in the butt?” The funniest thing ever!

Righty or lefty: Righty

Siblings: One older and one younger brother

Time you wake up: 6:30, well actually 6:40 after I hit snoozeWinking smile

Underwear: Thong during the day (can’t stand panty lines) and briefs (is that what they are called…not full granny panties) at night sometimes

Vegetables you don’t like: brussel sprouts. I used to hate mushrooms but have learned to like them.

What makes you run late: I usually pick out my outfit for the next day the night before, but sometimes that outfit just doesn’t work and I can’t decide on something else. Please tell me I am not the only who that happens to!

X-rays you’ve had: just on my teeth at the dentist and my elbow once when I thought I broke it skating. Luckily it was just badly bruised.

Yummy food you make: Well since I am making these cookies tonight and I’ve already had two, I will have to say those Smile

Zoo animal favourite: I can’t say a really have one

Happy Thursday everyone! Comment and tell me a little something about yourself Smile


  1. Hmmmm I LOVE brussel sprouts! Try roasting them with some olive oil and salt & pepper. I would almost go as far as saying they are my FAV veggie!!

    I think I would take rolling over a few feet to cuddle eric at night vs our bodies being squished together all night because there's no room and him crowding me up against the wall in our full. Ha!!

  2. Awwww Leaky!!!! lol

    Glad you learned to like mushrooms ;)

  3. Love this!
    I also pick out my clothes the night before and hate it when it doesn't work out!
    My SIL LOVES what what in the butt!!! hilarious!
    I LOVE brussle spouts! :)

  4. I never pick out my outfit the night before, but we don't have a dress code since I'm a student and sometimes I feel like wearing weat pants.

  5. I hit snooze for about an hour before I get up! Ha!

  6. This is fun! I love learning little facts about people:-) I definitely am glad we have a King bed too. So much room if you want, or you can just roll over and be close if you want. I don't get claustrophobic! phew.

    P.S. My dad always rants and raves about people who sit in the left lane going slow and never move over. He calls them "Left Lane Losers." Hehe! xoxo

  7. Wow we have a lot in common! I am posting my list tomorrow so you can read about it then!

    You are so petite!! How tall is your husband?
    Harley is the cutest puppy!!

  8. Hahah Pet Peeves - slow people in the fast lane..aka 90% of calgary drivers.
    I also HATE brussel spouts and have learned to sort of like mushrooms!!
    I might be stealing this from you, so fun!

  9. Ha - I love your answer on underwear because that is totally my approach!! So I wear 2 pair every day - one for during the day, one for sleeping! Too funny.

    I am doing this tomorrow actually!

  10. Do you have a certain brand king bed? we are looking at different mattresses...

  11. cute list! Your puppy is adorable!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!


  12. I love this! I may have to do it! THanks for sharing! How do I make my hisband learn to like mushrooms!? I love what you put for kids! :)



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