Thursday, March 17, 2011

I’ve got a confession

Ok, well I lied. I have more than one confession. Here it goes…

{one} Remember those mini banana muffins that I was talking about yesterday? Pretty sure I have had over 5 each day. They are just so mini and easy to eat! The multigrain Tostiitos that I ate last night…those I have no idea how they ended up in my stomach! But they just didn’t stop.

{two} When I work out, I will often re-wear sports bras, shorts, running tights and sometimes tank tops. Caitlin had a debate on this very topic a couple of weeks ago and it’s interesting to see people’s view on workout clothes. I personally re-wear stuff because I don’t have many sports bras or shorts, and I hate doing laundry every other day! I will also confess that I don’t wear underwear while working out. Most shorts have built in liners or I am wearing tight running tights (and hate pantylines!). Is that weird?

{three} At the beginning of January, I signed up with SparkPeople to get an idea of how many calories I was eating per day because I had hit a plateau with my weight loss. Since keep track daily (I am pretty lax on weekends with it) and increasing my running, I’ve lost another almost five pounds. Pretty happy about that!

{four} I think it’s pretty obvious as it’s all I talk about lately, but I am really coming to love running! I remember back in late 2009, I could barely run 3k without stopping and now I can finish a 10k without walking. It’s amazing what training and dedication does!

What are your confessions for today?


  1. Wow, thanks for letting me know about spark people, I joined today!!

  2. I totally re-wear workout clothes too.

    I am also planning on going on a lunchtime run today and not showering afterwards since we don't have showers at our office.

  3. I rewear my workout clothes all week... AND I don't always wear underwear either! BFFs!
    Good work on the 5lbs! Awesome. I am going to look into that sparkpeople. :)

  4. I rewear my gym clothes all the time! Why wash a bra you're just gonna get sweaty again?

    I'm so jealous of your running endurance! I need to step it up. Back at it today. Week 6 of C25K!

  5. I'll wear the same pants to work 2 days in a row. I work with mostly guys and we all know they don't notice anything.

    But workout clothes - no way will I re-wear them! I sweat way too much for that. Although, I did rewear a pair of socks this morning because walking to the other room is too much effort.

  6. If food is in mini-form, I have about 10. It all adds up to about 1 normal sized one, right?:-) xoxo

  7. Oh I had never heard of sparkpeople! That would probably help me with the baby weight!

  8. I don't re-wear work out clothes, but i feel like I might sweat more than the average person? I get all my sportsbras/runnings tops at Target so since they are inexpensive, I have quite a few so there is no need for me to re-wear them... But I know there are many out there that do re-wear their work out clothes!

    My shorts are all lined with underwear, so I don't wear any either!

  9. Oh I have many confessions like #1!! It's so bad...

    I often re-wear running tights a couple times, and shirts if I haven't sweat too much in them but most of my tops and bras are soaking wet when I am done working out (even in -20!) that I couldn't wear them again. I do have a pretty extensive workout clothes selection though which helps. I think I spend more money on my workout clothes than my work clothes!

    I usually wear underwear while working out except while on my bike. I also hate pantyliners which is why I always wear thongs!

    Congrats on the 5 pound weightloss! I think I have gained 5 pounds since January... I just need to cut out junk food but it is so hard!!!

    I am glad you love running! I felt the same way when I started and now I can't stop!

  10. You are so freaking tiny, how on earth did you find five pounds to lose?!?!?!

    I don't re-wear anything. I am a nasty sweaty beast when I work out, so it goes straight into the wash. And even outer layers like jackets tend to get washed because I tend to wipe my nose on my sleeves, haha. I think I may be grosser than you :)



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