Wednesday, March 23, 2011

motivation….are you there?

Since January, I have been great and excited about going to the gym to either run, bike, swim or workout. There really wasn’t a day in that time that I was like I DO NOT WANT TO WORKOUT. Until this week rolled around.

My motivation has totally disappeared and I have NO clue where it went to. This week I have wanted to curl up in a ball each night, eat loads of carbs and do other things that don’t include running or working out. As much as I haven’t want to, I still have gotten out and ran or swam, as I know it will make me feel better after. Which is true, it definitely does, but it’s the getting there part that sucks!

Do you think my half marathon training and weight would mind if I took this week off from running and exercising and just sat at home and eat lots of carbs? I’m going to say yes, but I wish the answer was no.

Ok enough whining, I’m off to eat another mini banana muffin. Haha.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who loses motivation from time to time and just wants to eat carbs!

Ps- yes, the PMS monster is raging this week and I can’t help it! I’ll be back to happy posting tomorrow Smile  Only if Alison chooses me to win her giveaway of a Bondi Band Winking smile Haha.


  1. I ate a kit kat for breakfast.... lol I might even have chips and dip for lunch... but I'll drink water all day... how is that for where my motivation is at? We just got more snow and it has depressed me, I was enjoying walking outside... not anymore! Good luck! Oh and I think Alison should pick 2 winners... you and I!!

  2. I had one week where I didn't work out at all and my husband actually asked what was wrong with me because I wouldn't get off the couch. LOL

    So, I have DEFINITELY had those weeks. You're body needs a break every now and then!

  3. SAME! I just want to eat and eat and not do anything else!!!

  4. I wish I could everyone one!!!
    I have weeks like that too, listen to your body is something my parents always say and they are marathon runners. :)

  5. Oh yes. Yes yes yes I do! Haha. This was during taper of my marathon training, all I wanted to do was EAT and SLEEP!

    Maybe give yourself a cutback week if you haven't had one for awhile, take one extra rest day and cut back on your mileage a bit! Then you can rest a little bit while also getting your training in!

  6. I think your motivation and my motivation ran away together! Must.go.find.them!

  7. Yes of course! Happens to me all the time, but I always think it happens more often than it actually does. I say don't be too hard on yourself. You were motivated before, you'll be motivated again. :) And even if you're never motivated again (worst case scenario, and highly unlikely), you'll find something else you love.

  8. you definitely are not alone! i've been in a winter funk this march!

  9. Yep, this happens to me off and on. I go through peaks and valleys of motivation. And my cycle def impacts my motivation! The important thing is that you are still going and getting those workouts in! But it is SO tough sometimes, isn't it? I am SO good at talking myself out of things. But when I am tempted to skip, I remind myself that I will never regret doing a work out, but I will regret it if I skip!

  10. Yup. Happens to everyone. If not, they are lying, haha! :)

    I almost skipped the gym this morning, but I laid there and thought--I have never ever regretted a workout. But I have regretting skipping one. That, and I just feel SOO much better during the day if I go!

  11. I never have motivation for the gym lol. I would rather be warm and cuddled up. especially when its raining!

  12. I definitely have those weeks- and usually have to make a conscious decision to just suck it up and go for it.

    Hope you've found your motivation!



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