Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Race recap

Yesterday I mentioned that I had run my first 10k on the weekend. I didn’t really elaborate on the run, but I’ll give you the full run down today Smile

The race didn’t start until 10am, so it gave me lots of time to sleep in and make it downtown for the race start. Mr.D came with me and we ended up getting there at about 9:40am. Enough time to pee and start my garmin SmileI’m not sure how many people ran the 10k, but this race was great because they started the 10k before the 5k. It was nice because I didn’t spend the first kilometer dodging walkers or slower runners.  The course was an out and back, which was nice.

I had a goal in my head of around an hour to complete it as the couple of 10ks I had run on my own were around 56-59 minutes.  To be honest I was really nervous that morning as I had no idea how I would do or if my legs would want to run 10K!IMG_1250
Getting my bib on
Waiting for the race to start. I was cold and nervous at this point!  
Just crossing the starting line

This run was one of those runs were everything just worked and nothing hurt. Okay, that’s not entirely true, but more on that later. The whole race I was focused on runners ahead of me and kept trying to pass one by one. At the 5k turn around, I saw a lady wearing a bright yellow jacket and focused on catching up to her. I ended up catching up around 6k and stayed steadily behind her until close to the end. It was nice to have someone to pace..I even said thanks as I passed her and I think she thought I was weird. Oh well.

My splits were:
1k: 5:44
2K: 5:20
3K: 5:17
4K: 5:22
5K: 5:22
6K: 5:20
7K: 5:18
8K: 5:26
10K: 4:57
Total: 53:54!!
Overall: 11 out 129 women

I stayed pretty evenly paced except for the first and last kilometers which I am pretty happy about. And of course my time completely surprised me as I didn’t know my short little legs had that in them! The funniest part is that I had told Mr.D that I would be around 55-60 minutes, so he wasn’t anywhere near the finish line when I crossed! He had thought I would have been over 60 minutes, so I totally blew his estimate out of the water.
Just after I crossed the finish line

So for the part that hurt….for most of the race, my stomach was pretty calm except for towards the end. As I crossed the finish line, I had to quickly keep running past all of the people to a garbage can where I proceeded to throw up my breakfast. Fun stuff! I am pretty sure a few people were starting, but oh well.

Minus the puking part, it was a great race and I am excited for my next 10K in April Smile


  1. wow that's so exciting! Congrats on beating your time!!

  2. Nice time! And congrats on making it to the garbage can and not on someone else. It's the little things we need to be thankful for. :-)

    Did you eat too much for breakfast or did you just not replace your sodium/electrolytes during the run?

  3. Congratulations!! What run was that?? Im trying to train for the Mother's Day run coming up in May.

  4. Holy heck girl, you did push hard if you threw up! What did you eat before the race? That might have been it. Running, especially running hard, can do weird things to your stomach!

    That is such an amazing time, I had a feeling you'd be a speedy runner though. Super proud of you :)

  5. Yikes! Sorry you got sick in the end but it sounds like you made AWESOME time girl! Congrats. :)

  6. Congrats again!!! You sure must have been giving it your all if you puked at the end!!

  7. Big congrats Leigh! That is such a great accomplishment... minus the puke! lol kidding :)

  8. Good work Leigh. Great time, still sorry you threw up. Good work on finding a can though! :)

  9. WOW! Fantastic job! I somehow missed this in your post yesterday! (Your running outfit is lovely too!)

  10. oh my gosh! such great time, good job!!! And the pukine park - yikes! that is intense! hope you felt better to enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  11. *puking part** I really can't type today!

  12. What a great race!!! Puking means ya really tried hard, haha!

  13. You did amazing! :) Seriously! your K times are great! It like of looks like you've had negative splits! :)
    Congrats! Sorry about the puking though! :/


  14. Congrats on a successful race - that sucks that you got sick at the end, though... Did you eat somemthing different? Or maybe not drink enough to replace the electrolytes? That sucks! I got sick after a race once - worst feeling ever!

    Again, congrats! And 11th is awesome!

  15. Wow, congrats! Too bad you got sick, but awesome to hear you did so well!

  16. Mother's day run is both 5 and 10km, and you can also walk the 5km. I am going to do the 5km. You sound like a pretty speedy runner!! I will have to train a bit more, then once I try and get out on the running paths I'll send you message!



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