Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Training Tuesday

Although I will be starting a little late, I’ve decided to do a recap of the previous week's training. I think it will be interesting to look back after the half to see how my training went, what could have been better, etc.

Week three

Total kilometers

Swimming: 1250 meters, 40 minutes
Biking: 0

Walking: 190 minutes

This week was a crappy week overall for my general mood. Let’s just say a serious case of PMS was not helping at all with my motivation. I got all of my runs in, some weren’t pretty, but I felt better once they were done.

For those of you who have trained for any race, do you include the kilometers/miles that you walked? I can’t avoid walking Harley and I am not really sure what to do with those kilometers. Ideas?

Ps- where has March gone?! I can’t believe that it’s almost over!


  1. Walking kilometres TOTALLY count towards training!! I would definitely keep track of them (just maybe separately?)

    It's time on your feet, and that's training! :)

  2. I never count my walking miles only because I'll never walk (if I can help it) in a race. Plus, I can walk FOREVER and it never tires me.

    Running on the other hand can kick my butt. Now I kinda wish I kept track of my walking miles just to see how many I've done!

  3. I can't believe March is almost over too! Wasn't it Christmas yesterday? Time just needs to slow down.

    I would keep track of your walking but not count it towards training. Just keep track for fun!

  4. Gah! Don't remind me that it's almost April!!

    I'm on the fence with the walking, I think you should totally count it but I'm not sure how it helps endurance? I'm new to all of this!! :)

  5. I really did not walk much when I was training, so it wouldn't have been worth tracking for me! But I think if I had a dog, I woudl walk more. All I did when I trained was run, run, run... I would like to change that this summer when I train for my next 1/2 and incorporate more x-training (I say this everytime... maybe I will be successful this summer?)

    Great training week - hope this one is better for you! We all have our off weeks (esp when battling PMS!)

  6. Yeahhhh!! I love reading about other's training!



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