Monday, March 7, 2011

{weekend recap}

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Are you sad like me that it’s over already?!

Not going to lie, this weekend was REALLY low key for us. I had the day off on Friday, which involved hanging out, a bank appointment, the gym and a quick trip to the mall.  I honestly love having the option of taking shorter lunches each day and being able to have every third Friday off. Helps clear my head so much!

On Saturday, we took my car in for a quick appointment and made a quick trip to the gym.  I spent the afternoon reading the book House Rules, which I started on Friday. I was having a hard time putting it down and it was cold out, so it was the perfect weekend to spend wrapped up in a blanket on the couch reading a great book Smile That night we watched two movies…first up was 127 Hours.

It was a pretty good movie and I definitely recommend it.
The second movie was Unstoppable.
It was pretty good as well!

On Sunday, it was another lazy day spent around the house reading and cleaning up. I also might have taken the best two hour nap on the couch! Haven’t done that in so long and it was wonderful! We also had our first puppy training class that night. Hopefully Harley picks up some stuff from it Smile

How was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. I'm dying to see 127 Hours. Came close this weekend, but Jake Gyllenhaal naked won out.

    Oh, and I LOVE couch naps. They are the best! I get so comfortable I start drooling. Probably TMI there.

  2. My weekend was ALL thesis.
    Where are you taking training lessons at? We went to Sit Happens and we LOVED it!

  3. I LOVED 127 hours, such a great movie! Our weekend was pretty low key as well. We snowboarded all day Saturday and then spent most of the day yesterday laying around because we were sore/tired from snowboarding! Haha

  4. I want to see 127 hours too...but just like Paula...we went for Love and Other Drugs! Thanks for lettingme know it is worthy of watching!

  5. Wow our weekends sound very similar! I got in a lot of couch and nap time!
    I loved House Rules!! Such a great book. She is one of my favourite authors!

    I really need to start watching more movies. My problem is that I fall asleep if I am remotely tired. So annoying. I fell asleep during Inception and not because I found it boring!

  6. I haven't seen either movie, but would like to see both. Did you watch the amputation scene? I might need to fast forward through that!!

    I had a really quiet weekend, which is what I needed. I had a work happy hour on Fri night, spent a whole lot of time studying, and finally tried that zucchini lasagna that Amber raves about (which was so good!).

  7. I haven't seen that movie, but I should check it out! I think its something Stephan would like.



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