Monday, March 28, 2011

{weekend recap}

Another weekend has come and gone by too fast! Seriously weekends, slow down already!

Friday: I had the day off, which was awesome minus the fact that I was still up at 6:30am. Aren’t days off for sleeping in?! I took Harley for a walk in the morning and then headed to the dentist. Have I mentioned that I HATE the dentist and that I haven’t been in close to 2 years? Yeah, that made for fun when she was scaling my teeth…worst pain! After the dentist, I had some running around to do: see Mr.D at school, pick up my bridesmaid dress that came in at work and pick up my new shoes! I had bought new running shoes about two weeks ago and when I tried them out at the gym, I was having major knee and shin pain. So they were a no go for me, so I ended up going back to my old pair in the updated version. Friday night was pretty low key…I hung out at home and watched How Do You Know. How-Do-You-Know1

I usually like cheesy romantic movies, but this was pretty bad. Don’t waste your time or money!

Saturday:  On Saturday morning, I met up with Nicole at the YMCA to go for a run as the weather was not cooperating with us. It was the first time that I had met her and she is so nice! It felt like we had known each other for a while and there were no awkward first date silences, haha. We will have to go for another run when the weather warms up Nicole Smile

In the afternoon, I took Harley for a walk and then lounged again. I watched:
morning-glory-movie-poster and Life_As_We_Know_It_2

Both were pretty good, but I liked Life As We Know It better. I definitely cried at one part and would date the Dr. Sam anytime! He is seriously cute!
how Harley and I spent the night

Sunday: I spent the morning hanging out and cleaning up the house. Later in the morning, I went to the gym and swam some laps and then took Harley for a walk. We had puppy classes in the late afternoon and that was basically our weekend.

How was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. You're the second person who said that How Do You Know was bad! Which stinks because of all those big names in it. :/

  2. Sounds lovely!!!

    I thought "How do you know" looked TERRIBLE just from the previews so I'm not surprised to hear it was bad ;)

    Sounds like a relaxing weekend was just what you needed after your kind of downer week last week - hope your feeling better today!

  3. That is too bad about "How Do You Know." It had such potential! I wanted to see it in theaters, but then I read the reviews. No bueno.
    Sounds like you had a fun and relaxing weekend, minus the dentist! My favorite:-) xoxo

  4. Aw That is bad about "How Do you Know" BUT I have always always always wanted to see Life As We Know it! I am so glad that you liked it! :D

  5. It was so great to meet you also!! It definitely felt like we had known each other for awhile! Great first date for sure! Can't wait to do it again soon.

    Thanks for the movie reviews. I think we have the same taste in movies which is great! We were thinking of watching Morning Glory or Life as we know it but instead watched The Tourist.

    Good for you for swimming laps! This weather doesn't make me want to go to the pool at all! I am going to have to force myself as I don't see the weather getting better anytime soon.

  6. We watched Life as We Know It this weekend too--so cute but I bawled my brains out!!

  7. I really liked Life as We know it too! And I too cried! The doc is a hottie for sure! Good to know about How do you Know, I was wanting to see that one too!

    I think weekends should definitely be longer!

  8. I watched Life As We Know It on my flight home from Paris and it was difficult not to cry! But I somehow kept it together so my seat mate wouldn't think I was looney. ;)

    Sounds like a great weekend! I love 3 day weekends!



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