Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{what i’m loving}

Happy Wednesday everyone! Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday on my race recap post. It was a great race, minus the puking of course Smile


This week, I am linking up with Jamie’s blog ahd her {what i’m loving} Wednesday’s.

{one} The weather! It has been above zero since the weekend and it’s here to stay for a while. It almost feels like spring and I wish it will stay around! There is no complaining about being able to walk Harley in yoga pants and a light sweatshirt in March. Too bad we will get more snow, more than likely in May as that’s how Alberta rolls.

{two} Bethenny Frankell’s show called Bethenny Getting Married?
She is hilarious and holds nothing back! Bethenny if you are reading and need a new best friend, call me up Smile

{three} Baking! I had some bananas that were going brown, so I decided to make banana bread, but in the form of mini muffins. I seriously ate like 5 last night and couldn’t stop! Recipe to come on Friday Smile

{four} That it’s Wednesday today! I don’t know why but it feels like it should be Thursday today. Only two more days and it’s the weekend.

What are you loving this week?


  1. This weather rocks! I ran in capris on Monday! :) I need to look for that show! :)

  2. Weather is getting good here too! loving some banana bread Yummy~

  3. I am also loving the weather! Mainly because my winter coat doesn't fit anymore.

  4. I love Bethenny too, she cracks me up!!

  5. I love this weekly post!!

    I wore capris on my run last night! So exciting!
    Just don't get too used to it!

    I haven't seen that show! Must look for it and PVR!!

    Looking forward to the muffin recipe. I love mine but could switch it up!

  6. I love Bethenny!! Haha
    Banana bread?? YUM.

  7. Adorable blog! Now I can't stop thinking about banana bread. Yummm...hehe. ;)

  8. Thanks for playing along!

    I'm loving that it's Wednesday too!

  9. I agree - today totally feels like Wednesday!

    i actually purposely buy bananas and let them go brown so I have an excuse to make banana bread. Love it!

  10. Can't wait to see your banana bread recipe!!!!



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