Friday, April 29, 2011

{happy friday}

Happy Friday everyone! Although it was a short week, I am glad it's over. I've been feeling a little down since I came home from my mom's house...I miss her and miss being able to hang out :( That and the snow that we keep getting does not help my mood either!

This weekend, we are:
  1. I am running a 10k tomorrow morning. They are calling for snow/rain all day today and possibly rain tomorrow. Please stay away rain! I think I might have to buy myself a hat with a brim when I go to pick up my package tonight...nothing worse than rain or snow going straight into your eyes!
  2. Mr.D's parents are coming tomorrow until Sunday. Just a quick visit but it will be nice to see them.
  3. My FIL is going to hopefully install the faucet that I won awhile ago. So excited to finally have it installed!
What do you have planned for the weekend? Hope you have a great one!


  1. Hooray! You are finally installing the faucet! :) Take pics... it's quote the process! lol

  2. This weather is doing nothing positive for my mood either. I just keep reminding myself that at least we aren't being terrorized by multiple tornadoes, hurricanes or tsunamis.

    Yes, I think it will be a hat day tomorrow- I won't be wearing mascara on my bottom lashes either as it was all smudged and running after the Police half with the snow in my face.

    I will definitely let you know where we are meeting in the park tomorrow morning!

  3. Good luck in the race and I definitely recommend the hat! I can't believe you are still dealing with snow? Is that normal in your part of Canada? Hope it is a lovely weekend for you!

  4. I hear ya. My mom hasn't even left yet (leaves tomorrow) and I'm ALREADY feeling down about it :(

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm in the same boat! I'm running a half this weekend, and we are expecting snow/rain. Ugh!! I am gonna do my best to keep dry, and just get into the zone. I have to meet my goal time!

    Good luck!!

  6. Awww I'm sorry you're missing your mom! That's the worst and I'm convinced we never grow out of it.

    Good luck tomorrow! I hope the weather holds out for you. I have a race too! : )

  7. Good luck tomorrow! No puking you hear! Enjoy your visit and can't wait to see the faucet! :)

  8. Good luck on your 10k tomorrow friend!!!

  9. I have a pretty quiet weekend ahead of me. Might get drinks w/ a friend Sat night. Might have dinner w/ a friend on Sun night. Everything is up in the air, so we'll see what happens. I know for certain I"ll be studying, though!

  10. have a good weekend girlie!!



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