Thursday, April 28, 2011

RoadID review

A few weeks ago, I won a giveaway from Kristen for a RoadID. Since I’ve started training for my half marathon and running more, I will admit that I never carry i.d with me. It’s terrible I know, but I find it a pain to carry my driver’s license on every run, so this was the perfect solution.

The giveaway that I won meant that I was able to choose whatever product that RoadID offered. They have a few different choices, but I ended up choosing the original RoadID.  With your purchase, you are able to customize the information piece to include what you want on it and the colour of the band.

I decided to choose a purple band with the following information: my first and last name, date of birth, city, two emergency contact numbers and a saying of “just keep running”.  There are different sizes for the bands and using a Canadian $5 bill, I was able to figure out that I needed a small.

My version of the RoadID with some information blurred out
The other side of the band
A comparison for the size of the RoadID compared to my GarminIMG_0219
Me wearing it (don’t mind the no make up look!)

My review:

  • easy to order and customize to your needs. There is a section that provides examples of things you could include on your id which I found useful
  • Shipping was quick even to Canada and came with information on the product and others they offer
  • The band is not very wide, so I barely notice that I am wearing it
  • The band is a little stiff at first, but I am guessing it will loosen up with more wears and over time
  • Lots of different options from wrist bands to ones for your shoe laces
  • Definitely worth the $19.99 to know that if anything was to ever happen to me on a run, someone would be able to get a hold of my husband

If you are a runner or walker, do you carry id with you or do you have something similar to the RoadID?


  1. Yay for winning the RoadID! What a smart thing to have!! My Team in Training makes us wear a shoe tag (although I now realize what a good idea it is anyway!) with our emergency info too.

  2. Great idea! Yes it's true we all should have id on us..even when walking he pups. :)

  3. My mom ordered me one for Christmas! It's one that goes on my shoelaces. It has Eric's number, my mom's number and my dad's number on it. I think they are definitely a great thing to have. I read a story once about a girl who died after a tree branch fell on her while running (such a scary freak accident!) and the only way they were finally able to identify her was running a scan on her iPod!!! I think Road ID's are a GREAT idea and I've read lots of stories about them saving peoples lives!

  4. I have heard of this and I should probably get one!!!

  5. I have the same one - in pink. And it really makes my arm itch. I think I'm gonna get the elite one. Once I feel like spending $30 on it. Blah. And I think I'm gonna go purple for my next one. :-)

  6. i don't carry anything with me .... wooops. i like this item though and will definitely go to the site to check it out. this is one of those items you don't have to have, but mom would feel better if you did it anyways ;)

  7. I would never have thought to carry an alternate form of i.d! I'll have to look into getting one. :D

  8. I wear one on every single run! I have the shoelace version w/ my name, my parents names, and my brother's name for emergency contacts. I feel a little safer running with it... Since I run and live alone, I used to joke that I could potentially like die on the running path and not be found for days! Not a funny joke, I realize... But it could potentially happen! So I feel a little bit safer runningw/ it!

  9. Great review! I love the purple!!

    I think I am going to get one, but I will buy one for my shoe as I know I will forget putting it on my wrist if I have to do every run.

    I feel better knowing that my hubby wears one since he has asthma.

    Great invention!!



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