Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Things Thursday

My brain was not working last night, so I thought I would do a Three Things Thursday post. All the cool kids are doing it like Paula. Check out her blog, she’s funny  Smile

1. Did anyone watch the premier of the show Happy Endings last night?

I thought it was pretty funny and hopefully it stays around for a while! Thoughts if you watched it?

2. It is currently snowing yet again in Calgary. I love you mother nature when you bring spring and summer, but I am so over winter! Please bring back the spring weather and I promise to nerve curse you out again Smile

3. Today is my Friday! Woo hoo! So excited that this week is almost over. I know who’s not excited for Friday though….
IMG_1106 <--- This guy!
He doesn’t know it yet, but he is going in to get something’s snipped off. I really hope he doesn’t hate us forever because of it! {ps- he looks so young in that picture! Stop growing Harley!}

What are your three things today?


  1. It is snowing too here in Québec! I can't wait for the sunny days!

  2. I did watch a little bit of the Happy Endings. My fav shows of Wednesday night are definitely Better With You and Modern Family! I can't believe it is snowing. Our neighbor still has his shovel on his front porch! I wonder if he knows something I don't haha. Enjoy your early weekend!

  3. Yay for TTT! My 3 things are gonna be about my best friend today, but I haven't written it yet. :-)

    Today is my Friday too! I'm SO happy about it.

  4. Can you believe this snow!!! OMG! I'm so done with all this. Poor Harley. Cruz sends Hugs & Kisses for tomorrow. :(

  5. I heard so many good things about Happy Endings! I'll have to check it out.

    Sending Harley some love, hope he does well in his surgery :)

  6. I didn't go to work today because of the snow...and it was my last day teaching! John wouldn't let me go. Harley won't hate you at all! Rudy didn't even notice. He was high as a kite when we picked him up and back to his happy self as soon as it wore off.

  7. I have never even heard of Happy Endings! I am so out of the loop on tv & pop culture, etc, these days!!!

    I hope the sniperoo goes ok for Harley!!

    My three things:
    1. I have social plans on a Saturday night for the first time in over a month! Super excited about this!

    2. This week has been great, but it has also been uber long. Today felt like it should have been Friday!!

    3. I am getting really sick of my long hair right now. I think it looks so drab and meh. But I don't know if I want to cut it because I do get compliments on how good it looks long...



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