Thursday, April 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! So excited that it’s actually my Friday Smile

Yesterday Paula commented yesterday that I don’t post enough pictures of Mr.D and I, so I thought I would do a Three Things Thursday post with pictures and events of us.

1.  The first picture is from Mr.D’s first visit to me while I was in university.
Oh to be young and care free again!

2.  In the summer of 2007, I moved to Edmonton to live with and hang out with Mr.D. In his home town, they have a big fair that comes each year and we had a cartoon picture done of us.
Haha, the man asked how we met and this is what he came up with. Love the size of my boobs, wooza!

3. In 2008, we went to Vegas for a REALLY quick weekend trip to watch one of Mr.D’s good friend’s get married. The weekend involved: a red eye flight, lots of drinks, Dane Cook, an Elvis impersonator and terribly tacky suits for the guys in the wedding party.
Oh boy, were we ever chubby here!

What are your three things this Thursday?


  1. I love the cartoon picture! Happy almost Friday!

  2. Mr. D's suit in that last picture cracks me up. And I love the cartoon drawing - that's a framer ;)

  3. That really is an outstanding suit!
    I posted my three things- the Canadian edition up on my blog :)

  4. Ha, those pictures are awesome! You guys have changed so much over the years!!

  5. great picture girl :) haha love the cartoon one! glad i came across your blog! xo

  6. I think I added you on daily mile. I am not daily mile savvy. I only know how to log my runs and bike rides. I don't think I have any friends on there lol. So at least I'll have you to follow me, haha!

  7. This post is a WIN! :-) I still need more pictures. Take them this weekend!



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