Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Training Tuesday

I’ve seen this done on a few other people’s blogs who are training for a race and I totally forgot to do it last week. So here are my stats from March 2011.

Number of rest days: 2 (I don’t count the days I walked Harley as rest days as I am out moving my legs)
Number of running days: 19
Total kilometers ran: 104.6
          Biking on trainer: 154 mins
         Swimming: 2250 meters, 75 mins
         Walking with Harley: 42.56 kilometers

Week Four

Total kilometers

Swimming: 1000 meters, 35 minutes
Biking: 0

Walking: 12.5 kilometers


This week was definitely much better than last week in terms of my motivation. I didn’t know how well fitting in my runs/workouts was going to be this week as Mr.D was out of town, which meant it was just me looking after Harley, but it worked out just fine. The weather was fabulous, so my favourite runs were on Tuesday and Thursday as they were done outside on the paved pathways near my house. Saturday was snowing really hard, so that meant treadmill for me.

The kilometers are slowly starting to increase each week, which means more time spent running, but definitely not sick of running yet. Fingers crossed it stays that way as I have 8 more weeks before the half!


  1. Good work! :) Cruz and I ran outside again yesterday and it was awesome! Yeah to this weather!

  2. Nice work! You and Harley sure have walked A LOT :) You're going to rock your half!

  3. You are beating me for distance now!! Great job on all the workouts!

    You walked a marathon with Harley in March! Do you bring your garmin with you so you can calculate the distance? I would totally do that if I was walking a dog regularly!

  4. You go girl!! Keep up the good work. :D

  5. Nice work! You are going to rock this half! I have no doubt about that. I am glad this was a better training week for you!

  6. I love these!!! Keep posting them!

    Soooo with all of this swimming and biking nonsense...does this mean you are going to do a tri?!?! :) :)



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