Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Training Tuesday

Here we go week six ! Only 40 more days and they are going to go by so quickly!

Week Six

Total Kilometers

Cross Training
Swimming: 0
Biking: 40 minutes
30 Day Shred: 20 minutes {level 1}

Walking: 15.0 kilometers

I really need to start writing down how I feel during and after each run so I can remember for this part of my post. Is it bad that I can barely remember a week ago?! My runs during the week were pretty good, but my long run on the weekend got pushed inside because of the darn snow! I have decided I would much rather run outside and hear my Garmin tick by rather than pound away on the treadmill. So come on spring weather!!

Last week I also ordered this hydration belt for my long runs…can’t wait until it comes in so I can try it out!

Questions for runners
My younger brother and I were text messaging the other night about him possibly running a half marathon with me.  We are looking at one two weeks after my second half marathon. Do you think that’s a terrible idea? Would I be able to do it?


  1. You should join Dailymile! It's a great way to keep track of runs - it's like Facebook for runners!

    I think that would be OK for you to do another half 2 weeks later, it really depends on how you feel and how hard you push it in your first half. My second half I didn't push that hard and I could have easily ran another one 2 weeks later, my third half on the other hand I pushed myself REALLY hard and was super sore after and took a week off running!

  2. There are far too many crotch shots on the website for that hydration belt ;-)

    I second what Amber said- it depends on how you run the races or how much of a toll they take on your body. If you push to the limit for the first race, you may be able to run the second one at a slower pace or you may be thinking that the last thing you want to do it run 21km.

    If the first half doesn't go well (say the weather is bad so you aren't able to do your best), you may be itching for a re-do. There are many ways your body could react.

    My advice though is to make one of them your "goal race" and the other your "fun race".

  3. I ran my second half just over 2 weeks after my 1st and my first one went horrible and the second one rocked. So you can totally do it. 2 weeks is plenty of recovery time.

    Just no throwing up after these. It's forbidden!

  4. I have to write down my run details right after or else I forget!

    When is your 2nd half? I think you will be fine running another one 2 weeks later as long as you run one for fun and the other as a goal race.

    That being said during my race on Sunday I was really questioning my sanity about running another half 13 days later! I am sure I will be fine though! And the weather is going to be good!!

  5. Totally Join DM! Seriously I will be your friend! I am just starting out in running, but I think you would be fine running one 2 weeks later! You have two weeks in between to rest, run again, and then taper!


  6. It depends on how your body feels after the first half, like the commenter's above me said! If you feel confident, rock it out. Do them both!! :D

  7. You need to be really careful doing two races that close togethere - over training could lead to a decrease in your performance.
    If you are training to peak and have your best time at the first half, two weeks later your body could be over stressed.
    If you taper your training during the two weeks between, take a rest, and then just try to maintain your time you could be ok!
    Hope the weather warms up so you can run outside! Looks good for this weekend.

  8. Great job training this week!! I can't believe both of our races are coming up so quickly! I would also recommend joining daily mile- I love it! I'm not sure about doing another half so soon. If you have the mindset that you are just doing it for fun though and give yourself lots of rest after the first, I'm sure you'll be fine!

  9. I think 2 weeks between 1/2s would be totally fine. Just listen to your body! You'll be in peak condition, so I think it will all go fine! :)

    Great job on another successful week!

  10. Definitely depends on how your body feels. But I'm not sure what your mind will be telling you! I still don't have good memories of mile 10 of my race. haha

  11. You are going to be either super jazzed and motivated for that second race or completely burnt out--there really isn't much of a middle ground, I have found :) Good luck deciding!!

    You are training enough, you should be okay fitness-wise and recovery-wise!

  12. 2 weeks should be enough time. I would suggest a good massage between them to loosen up your muscles and get you ready to run on fresh legs again.



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