Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Race report: Centaur Subaru Half Marathon

To start off this recap, I must say that for my first experience of a half marathon, I loved this experience! Everything was so organized and  enjoyed the whole run (well minus a few km’s).

Before the race
The race started at 7am, so Mr.D and I were up at 5am to drive downtown and catch a c-train to the start line. We luckily got on a train on the start of the line, so by the time we reached the race stop, it was crowded. We got there at about 6:30ish and it was still pretty chilly out, but luckily the sun was making it’s way out.
photo (9)
I thought ahead and wore big sweatpants and a warm jacket, and I am glad I had both. I ditched both about 10 minutes before the race. I had to nervous pee (TMI?), but the lines were super long for the port-o-potties, so I decided to hold it.  The race had an organized bag drop area, but because Mr.D was with me, I didn’t have to use it.

The race
There were about 3,000 people running the half marathon, so the starting line was pretty crowded. The whole race was actually pretty crowded, but I kind of liked having people around me to ‘catch up to’ rather than running alone. I could have done without the dodging of people a lot of the time though. photo (9)
Even though there was a crowd throughout the entire race, I maintained my pace pretty much throughout the race.   Here is my break down:

  1. 5:30
  2. 5:33
  3. 5:26
  4. 5:26
  5. 5:27
  6. 5:33
  7. 5:28
  8. 5:31
  9. 5:45 <—water station
  10. 5:29
  11. 5:35
  12. 5:36
  13. 5:40 <—turn around point
  14. 5:32
  15. 5:45 <-- water station
  16. 5:36
  17. 5:41
  18. 5:41 <—my knees were starting to act up here
  19. 5:45
  20. 5:39
  21. 5:39
  22. 1:13

The water stations were every 3km’s and they had a both Gatorade and water. I ended up going through almost every station and then drinking a bit of my own water in the last few km’s. Between the water and Gatorade, I used sport beans every couple of km’s and they definitely helped.

The course was pretty flat with the exception of two overpasses, which had a slight incline, but nothing compared to the hills that are in Calgary. There were a few cheering sections, but there was mostly no crowd support.

In the last few km’s, my knees and hips were starting to get really sore and I had to use Kristen's mantra of “it only hurts for now”. Definitely helped me through those last few km’s!

My final time:
[I think they messed up the gun and chip time because my chip time should have been faster than my gun time]

I am still so excited and proud of myself that I managed to run my first half marathon in under two hours! I was thinking 2:15ish, but it’s amazing what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.

Finish line/ after the race
Not surprisingly, the finish line was just as crowded as the rest of the race. As soon as I crossed the finish line, there was a volunteer putting a medal over my neck. I don’t think there is a better feeling than that!
As soon as I made it out of the finishers area, I met up with Mr.D and we went to get me some food. They had bananas, oranges, juice boxes, granola bars, etc. I wasn’t feeling super hungry, but I knew I needed to eat something so I had a banana. We didn’t stick around for a long time and we ended up missing meeting up with Nicole! Sad smile 

Overall, I loved this race and the whole experience! Minus the stiff knees, and hungry that took the whole day to get rid of, I am ready for my next half! Come on September!


  1. Yaaay!!!! So happy for you. Huge congratulations to you!!

  2. I knew you'd break 2 hours! That is so great, you rocked this half. And I'm SO GLAD you had such a wonderful experience :)

  3. Way to go! You are amazing, you really make me want to start running, I just have to get off my butt and do it!

  4. Awesome work! You are a rockstar! :) Love the metal!

  5. Congrats! That's an amazing time! I'm still trying to make a sub-2 myself. Someday I will! :-)

  6. Amazing job!! You totally kicked butt!!

    I am jealous- they just handed me my medal.

  7. You are awesome! Congrats girl!

  8. You are a rockstar. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! ;)

  9. Wow you are so hard core!! A half under 2 hours is incredible, way to go!! Want to do the Rock n' roll half in Las Vegas in December with me? ;)

  10. Great job, Leigh! That is an amazing time, esp for your very first 1/2! I bet you will only get faster.

  11. Yeahhh way to go!!! That is a freaking awesome race!

  12. You ROCKED it, just like I knew you would. WAY TO GO!!!

  13. Ahhh I am SO happy for you!! All of your hard work seriously paid off!! Those are definitely some splits to be proud of!!!

  14. CONGRATS again!!!!! You did so awesome!!! You should feel very proud!

  15. Holy SMOKES, you're so fast! My dream is for a sub-2:00, but it doesn't feel overly realistic. Sorry I missed this a few days ago - I've been hibernating a bit. Congratulations on an amazing job! The weather WAS perfect, wasn't it? Which half are you running in the fall?



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