Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Hooray for Thursday! One more work day and it's the long weekend! So excited :)

This week's Three Things Thursday is going to be another one like last week of the "would you rather" theme. I like it so we are sticking to it. {ps- I just noticed that in last week's post I put what you rather instead of would you rather. Really need to proof read Leigh!}

1. Would you rather run a marathon and poop your pants or be locked in a very dirty and full port-o potty for a day?

2. Would you rather be attacked by a shark or by an alligator?

3. Would you rather buy a winning lottery ticket only to lose it before you can cash in or win a really expensive car only to crash it the next day?

Let's hear your answers! Remember there is no choosing must pick one :)

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  1. Alright, here we go:
    1. I'd rather poop myself. I'm just going to assume that the poo was solid and stayed in my roos. I'm busy and unless you're leaving a lap top in that port-o-potty with me, I can't stay there for a full day.
    2. I'm going to go with shark. Then I'll poke it in the eye! Those alligators roll and that freaks me out.
    3. Car. No doubt. Insurance is a wonderful thing. And...I've already done this. Not the next day, but 7 weeks later. So, I feel like I'm already an expert.

  2. 1. Poop myself.
    2. Shark.
    3. Lotto ticket.


  3. 1 - Port o potty, pooping yourself isn't fun
    2 - Alligator, I run faster than I swim
    3 - lottery ticket, I'm safer that way

    Love this!

  4. 1) I'm going with Paula and Amanda, I'll go ahead an poo myself. Matter of fact, I'm so against portalets, that I will risk the chance in real life...that's easy.

    2)Alligator. At least I know to run in a straight line. I don't know Shark survival 101.

    3) I'll crash the car. It'll be insured!!

  5. The first one was hard to choose
    poop myself, alligator, lotto ticket.

  6. Port-o-potty and hope to pass out very soon.

    Alligator, because I could hope to run away after fighting it off. I'm not a good swimmer at all, so I'd stand no chance there.

    Wreck the car and call the insurance company!

  7. OMG you are gross but this is hilarious!!

    1. Marathon & poop myself! (that pic is gross!)
    2. Alligator- might have a chance at survival?
    3. Crash the car- that's what insurance is for!!

  8. These are terrible choices once again- I love it :)

    1- poop my pants and hope there are no pictures of it.
    2- an alligator I guess? i'm thinking I'd be closer to medical attention...
    3- i'll go with the car. at least i won the car and din't pay for it :)

  9. 1. Poop myself definitely!

    2. Alligator.

    3. Crash the car since I'd have insurance! :)

  10. 1. Poop myself.
    2. Shark - I imagine it'd be a quicker death for some reason?
    3. car.



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