Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! I am really liking these "would you rather” themes for three things thursday’s. Your answers always make me laughSmile

Ok, so for the questions this week:

1. Would you rather be best friends with Oprah OR Ellen Degeneres?  Oprah may say “you get a car, you get a car, you get a car!” but Ellen is definitely funnier!

2. Would you rather live in a tree for two weeks and you can’t get down until the two weeks is over OR live in a shark tank for a week?

only $99.00treehouse

3. Would you rather have a tail like a dog OR be covered in hair like the world’s hairiest man?


Ok, let’s hear your answers Smile


  1. Oh, these are easy!
    1. Ellen. For sure. I cannot handle Oprah. Also, Ellen might tell me I'm hot now and then since she's a lesbian and she can appreciate the work that goes into my hair and makeup everyday unlike my husband.

    2. Tree house. I may not be able to get down, but you can be sure that I will be calling in favors from friends. I'll have people throw up some Oreos and junk.

    3. I'll go with the tail. I don't need to be spending my 401k money in Nair.

  2. Ahh!! This one is hard!
    Um, I choose Ellen, tree and a tail. Haha

  3. 1.Ellen would be a hilarious person to hang out with!! We could go around scaring people. Oprah is a little tooo serious, "be responsible for the energy you bring" for me...
    2.Tree... you might be stuck for two weeks but at least you could do stuff... can't read a book or play with your iphone in a shark tank!
    3.Tail... I think it would be easier to remove/hide/deal with than copious amounts of body hair...

  4. Ellen - She is wayyy more fun than Oprah. Oprah tends to take life way too seriously.

    Tree house! - Growing up, I ALWAYS wanted a tree house so I could start my own secret club. Plus, I am absolutely terrified of fish, sharks, and all other sea creatures.

    Tail - A tail would be easier to hide. All that body hair would seriously hurt to wax off!!

  5. These ones are way easier to answer than the last few!

    1- Ellen. She makes me laugh and I like laughing :)
    2- I'll take the tree for 2 weeks. I'll pretend I'm like Lisa in that episode of the Simpsons where she tries to impress a boy by living in a tree...
    3- A tail. But can it be more useful than a dog's tail- I'd rather have a monkey tail...

  6. 1. Ellen
    2. Treehouse - can you even live under water in a shark tank for a whole WEEK?! :P
    3. A tail!! I think it would be kind of cute ;) ;)

  7. 1) Ellen!
    2) Tree. I actually think that would be SO FUN
    3) Tail, you could hide it or get ti removed but I think the hair would be harder to deal with.

  8. Ellen, tree house and tail for sure!

  9. haha good questions!
    1: Ellen. Oprah just seems so, meh.
    2: Tree house! No way am I living underwater with sharks, even in a tank!
    3: Hairy, I have trimmers and razors at my disposal, no need to stay hairy haha

  10. Ellen, Treehouse and Tail. Not sure I could handle being THAT hairy lol

  11. Good luck to you as well Leigh! Hopefully the weather holds out for us.

  12. 1. Ellen- Oprah is too preach-y for me and she always cuts people off. Ellen would be an awesome best friend- you would never stop laughing!
    2. Tree- imagine how wrinkly your skin would be after being in the water for a week!
    3. Tail- the hairy man is just nasty!



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