Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Training Tuesday

Holy moly! Less than two weeks people! That still blows my mind.

Week Ten

Total Kilometers

Swimming: 0
Biking: 12.8 kilometers, 44 minutes
Insanity: 0
No More Trouble Zones: 20 minutes

Walking: 21 kilometers

Overall, another good training week. The wind has been absolutely nuts here for the past week, so it’s made for some tougher runs. It can go away any day now!

My long run of 14.5k on Saturday went well. I will admit there were a few times that I walked for 30 seconds as my head wasn’t completely in the run. I kept doubting my running ability, which I know I can do this!

I carry two small bottles in my ifitness belt which I can easily finish during my longer runs, but I find that even if I drink just a little water/gatorade, I easily get cramps. Is there any way to prevent them or help them go away faster? They can be so painful that I have to stop running until it subsides.

If you get cramps while running, how do you get rid of them? Is there anyway to prevent them?


  1. Have you tried adding half a nuun tablet to a bottle of water instead of using watered down gatorade? It might balance out your electrolytes without being overwhelming.

  2. I've never got cramps from drinking so I'm not sure about that but I know a pilates instructor that I used to run with told me that when I have cramps I should breathe in deeply through my nose (mouth closed) and then blow it out slowly through my mouth. I do this every time I get a cramp now and it really seems to work!

  3. Hi Leigh, I surfed on to your blog and think it is awesome that you are getting into road races. I've done a number of races, including 4 X 1/2 marathons. It is a super distance and I think you'll do really well!

    With respect to the liquid; It may seem like you already are, but take even smaller sips of the liquid. Do you run while you consume? If so, try walking 10 paces or so while it gets into your system. Also, make sure you aren't forgetting your breathing during that time.

    Good luck!

  4. Hmm..can't help you with the cramping thing. I've never had that problem. < ---- not helpful

  5. I read a really good tip in Self Magazine years ago. Ready?

    While you're still running, push on the spot where you have a cramp with two or three fingers and blow out really hard. It sounds strange, but it works. Keep repeating until the cramp/pain subsides.

    Hope this helps you! It works for me.

  6. You are doing so great, can't believe your marathon will be here so soon! Sounds like you've gotten some great tips here, be sure to let us know what works for you.

  7. I can't wait to read about your half!! So soon! You're doing great on the training.

    I sometimes get cramping too. I used to get it really often when I'd run. Some things that worked for me:
    - Try reversing the way you are breathing - if you are breathing out when the right foot hits the ground and in when the left foot hits, do vice versa so that you breathe out when the left foot hits and in when the right foot hits. It sounds weird, but it usually works for me.
    - Stretch the side of your body that the cramping is hitting, by lifting the arm on that side straight up and slightly to the other side of your body overhead.

    Hope that helps a bit - cramping sucks.

  8. Are you waiting too long to drink maybe? I usually drink every 2 miles.... If you are drinking often, maybe try taking smaller sips? And if that doesn't work, maybe try sodium tablets? Which sounds odd, but maybe your electrolytes are out of whack or something? Good luck! Getting cramps like that sounds awful. :(

  9. Woo! I could never run that far. I'm proud of you! I can't believe your race is so soon! You are going to do fantastic!!

  10. Less than two weeks!! Eeek! You're going to ROCK it. :)

  11. You are so close!! So excited for you!!!



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