Monday, May 2, 2011

{weekend recap} & a race report

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend went by too fast yet again. At least the sun and warm weather came out to play yesterday.

Friday night we ran some errands and then cleaned up around the house as my in-laws were coming to visit on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early so I could run in The Big Run 10k. Race recap is below Smile  Mr.D’s parents got into town around lunch and the boys did stuff around the house while my MIL and I went for a walk and then did a little shopping. We went out for dinner and then spent the night hanging out at home. I was in bed by 10:15  on a Saturday night…party animal I am!

Mr.D’s parents left in the morning and then we took Harley for a walk in the coulee by our house. It was super muddy, but Harley loved running free and through the creek!
It was such a gorgeous day! When we got home, I couldn’t let the nice weather pass by so I decided to take my bike out for the first ride of the season. I was about 8k into my ride and it felt like I had run over something. I stopped and checked out my tire, but it looked fine so I kept going. Then all of the sudden I heard a loud pop and my tire went super flat! So I had to walk my bike the rest of the way home. Fun times!


As I mentioned above, I ran in The Big Run 10k on Saturday morning. Let’s see, where do I even start with this race recap? Most importantly, I didn’t puke at the end!!

The race had a 5k, 10k, and a half marathon. The half marathon started at 8am and the 5 and 10k at 8:15am, which all started on time. Mr.D and I got there in plenty of time, but had to walk for a couple of minutes for parking.  So the 5k and 10k left at the same time and everything was going well until the first corner where two volunteers were standing and there were two arrows pointing different ways. A bunch of us asked if the 10k was supposed to turn, which the volunteers had no idea. So I kept following everyone else and we were basically doing a loop back to the start.  The next set of volunteers sent all of us onto a dirt pathway and then onto a bridge. At this point we were all heading the same way and were well over 6k. A girl running beside me was doing the 5k (her first one!) and she was now heading for close to 10k. I felt pretty bad for her! Basically every volunteer that we ran into had NO idea what was going on and had no clue as to where we were supposed to be running. By the time I crossed the finish line, I had only run about 8.5k. Awesome considering I paid money to run a 10K!

Nicole ran the half and she said that there were lots of volunteers on the course who knew what they were doing. Makes me think they put all of the informed volunteers on the half course. Nicole also mentioned that there were food/water stations throughout the half course, while there wasn’t a single water station for the 5/10k course.

I ended up running it in 47:35, seventh overall and third in my age group. Not a fantastic time but considering how many times I stopped to ask volunteers where to go. Still wish it would have been a full 10k though! I think the only good part of the race was that they had nice tech shirts….other than that I won’t be running this race again unless they make some MAJOR changes to the 10k course and organization.

How was your weekend? How is it May already?!


  1. Wow, this race had a lack of organization!!!

    I'm thinking like you, is it me or does this year seem to be flying!?!

  2. Yay for gorgeous weather! It was beautiful here this weekend too but now it's dreary again. Boo!

    That really sucks about that race! What a waste of money!! I HATE it when courses are short. Yesterday the half I did was 12.98 miles instead of 13.1 and I was kind of mad about it. I'm actually glad I didn't PR as I wouldn't have felt good counting it!

  3. Wow that's brutal for organization, can you email someone to let them know how bad it was?
    Good work though, that's awesome. And yeah for not puking! :) Do you like your Bondi bands? :)

  4. Great job! I'm glad you did so well!!!

  5. What a bummer! It sounds like they were super unorganized. :(

  6. That really sucks!! I can't believe how disorganized they were for the 5/10K as they seemed so organized for the HM!! My suggestion would be to do the half marathon next year so you get a medal!

    Did you get the email from the race director this morning? At least he apologized for all the issues the 5 and 10K racers experienced. Did you see a race map for the 10K beforehand? I tried to look for one yesterday but not sure if it isn't available because the race is over or if there never was one posted.

    Calgary Marathon/HM/10K is going to rock!!!

  7. I cannot believe that there wasn't a single water station on the 10K! That is a pretty decent distance and people need to stay hydrated! I just can't wrap my mind around this!

  8. What a poorly run race... that's pretty dangerous to not have water stations, even when it's just a 10k...

    Well done on placing so well, though!!

  9. Love the beautiful pictures, and I can't believe that about your race!! You did fantastic, but I can't believe how disorganized it was!

  10. I can't believe they were so disorganized!

  11. 7th overall is kinda amazing! Be Proud!!!



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