Monday, May 16, 2011

{weekend recap}

Boo to you Monday! I wasn’t quite ready for you to be here again. At least next weekend is a long weekend. I am quite looking forward to that!

{friday} We went back to MEC to see if they could do anything about my broken cycling shoe, but unfortunately they couldn’t. We then went to a couple other bike stores to see if they had screws long enough, but we were only able to find 3/4. Hopefully we can find another one or else these shoes are going back. Too bad because they are cute!

{saturday} I went for my second to last long run before my half. Still can’t believe it’s less than two weeks away now. This week’s run was 14.5k, which was okay. It was super windy yet again here, but the tail wind was nice on the way back (I did an out and back loop) as it was helping to push me up the hills! One more long run and it’s half time! While I was running, Mr.D went biking with a co-worker and Justin. The rest of the day was spent lounging around and getting some groceries. My legs weren’t too sore, but I was more tired than anything.

{sunday} I spent the morning vacuuming and cleaning up around the house. Don’t you love being an adult?! In the afternoon, Alison, Justin and Cruz came over for dinner, puppy date and to help install the faucet {that I still can’t believe I won!}photo (7)
Tired puppy!

It was quite the task for the boys, but it got installed. While the boys were working, Alison and I chatted and Cruz and Harley played forever. Those two have endless amounts of energy.
photo (6)
The new faucet. So pretty! Review coming later this week.

Thanks again for all of the help Justin!

How was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. My race is two weeks away as well- and I'm both having a hard time believing that it is already 2 weeks away AND ready to be done with my training cycle :)

  2. Oooh very nice faucet! I was bummed about Monday as well. Thanks for reminding me this weekend is a long weekend - I'd almost forgotten!!

  3. Nice faucet!!! It was a great giveaway to win!
    Yay for next long weekend!

  4. Oh yeah, all I wanted to do was rest on Sunday, but had to do some grown-up things like clean the bathroom and take care of some gardening. Sigh! But on the plus side, I did see that movie Thor...a lot better than I expected. And Thor was quite easy on the eyes:)

  5. Yay to the new faucet! So pretty! Cruz loved the non-stop play date!!!

  6. That is one pretty faucet! Glad you had a good weekend! Hope the week will fly by. Keep your fingers crossed ;)

  7. Sounds like a great weekend as always. Rudy is in desperate need of a puppy play date.

  8. Oooh, is that one of those touch faucets?! Can't wait to hear more! Glad you had a good weekend. You're doing AWESOME on your runs. :D

  9. The facet looks awesome!!

    Your 1/2 is coming fast, but you are so ready for it! :)

  10. What?? MEC couldn't help you?? Can't they order a new pair in??? I hope you find a screw that works! That would really suck if you had to return them.

    That wind sure is nuts!! Finally we get some warm weather but it's still cold because of the darn wind!! Ahhh

    Pretty new faucet!!! Mine is high like that too but I find the water sprays up a lot because it is so high up. Does that make sense? Hope yours doesn't do that!

  11. Love your faucet!!! Your weekend sounds just like mine with the running and cleaning : ) I can't believe our races are in 2 weeks! That's awesome you weren't too sore either. I can still barely walk, haha!



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