Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{what i’m loving}

This week I am linking up with Jamie's blog for {what i’m loving} Wednesday’s.


I am loving fun new apps for my iphone. I came across (can’t remember where) an app called Instagram, which lets you add different effects to your pictures.
Tuckered out after a day at doggie day care
Harley falls asleep in the strangest positions!
Can you tell I am obsessed?!

I am loving sunny days after a rainstorm. Nothing beats the sun shining in the windows at 7pm!

I am loving being able to sleep with the windows open the other night because it was really warm in our room. First time since last summer and it was fabulous!

I am loving that I have completed some of my personal goals that I set back in January. Update maybe tomorrow or next week Smile

What are you loving this week?


  1. I love my instagram app too!! Use it All.THE.Time!

  2. Those pictue look fun. Look at sweet Harley! So can't wait to have him stay with us!!! Yay to personal goals! Can't wait to hear.

  3. I love the picture of your pup!!!

    You are loving some great things today!

  4. Hhahaha love Instagram too ;)

  5. I LOVE instagram! Such a fun app!!

    Sleeping with our windows open is the best! Love it :)

  6. Look at that sweet pup! So cute.
    I'm so glad the weather is nicer, we had our windows open last night too. :D

  7. I am loving that a "cool" front is coming this week! Yes, it will still be 82, but I'll take that any day over 90. :-)

  8. must. get. an. iPhone. NOW. those look so cool! i am dying for my upgrade date to come in September. until then, i will just live vicariously through you with your cool picture effects ;)

    do you want me to send you some dry shampoo? seriously would be happy to, just let me know ;)

  9. I love sleeping with the windows open!!!
    I don't have an iPhone yet(waiting for the new one).. but I play on my Hubbys all of the time--I'll have to download the instagram ap!

    stopping by from WILW!

  10. Sleeping with the windows open is the best. As well as the sun coming out after it storms. :)

  11. Ahhh I want an iphone so I can do instagram photos!! They look so great!

    Is Harley sleeping on shoes in the 2nd photo? So cute!!

    Congrats on completing some of your goals! It's great to cross something off the list!

  12. What I'm loving is my first pedicure in over 6 years!

  13. Can't wait to hear about your personal goals! We slept with the windows open too one night this week. It was so lovely!!

  14. I am loving the sunshine, too. Spring has arrived. Here's hoping it stays around!

  15. I hopped over here from your what I'm loving link up :)

    I too, am loving the sunshine and sleeping with the windows open. It's the best!

  16. i love that picture of you and your bridesmaids!

  17. I too am loving being able to open the windows and let in some fresh air!

  18. OBSESSED with your wedding pictures!!!! I've missed reading!! Must catch up!!!
    Thanks for the sweet comment!



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