Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{what i’m loving}

Happy Wednesday everyone! As always, I am linking up with Jamie's blog for {what i’m loving} Wednesday’s. WILW

This week, I am loving:

{one} That the weather is FINALLY warming up! It is supposed to be between 18-22C here this week and that is fabulous! I came home from work last night and opened up our windows. Nothing beats that.

{two}  That we booked our campsite for August! We are going to Penticton, BC for a week with Mr.D’s family and my mom is coming as well. So excited to just relax and sit in the sun all week!

{three} I will meet this sweet face though Sad smile
photo (4)

What are you loving this week?


  1. Oooh your going to have a great time in Penticton. It's so beautiful there! We used to rent a house on the beach there for 2 weeks every summer - I loved it!

  2. Love penticton! So fun. Are you not bring Harley? He is looking so big in this pic! I LOVE This weather!!! :)

  3. Sweet puppy! GREAT LOVES :)

  4. I am totally loving this weather as well!!

  5. I am looooving this weather!!
    Helloooo Summer!!!
    Awww penticton in the summer is so nice! Sounds fun

  6. Those are some awesome things that you are loving today!!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  7. Aw, you can't take your pup with? You'll have a blast though!

  8. I love Penticton! So much fun!

    I'm definitely jealous of your weather! It's raining here in Vancouver but I did hear something about 18 degrees later this week! Enjoy the sun!

  9. I am loving this nice weather too!! Can't wait to go home and run tonight!!

    I have never been to Penticton! I am going this year though- I don't care if I have to hitchhike or go alone (ok that would be scary!).

    Why can't you bring Harley? No dog campsite?

  10. I am loving our weather, too. It was super hot yesterday - like in the 30's (celsius). I will not complain though! After months of frigid temps, I am a-ok with hot/humid weather. I say this now, of course. Talk to me in 2 months. ;)



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