Thursday, June 2, 2011

May totals & a new goal?

First of all, how is it June already?! This year is flying by and I really don’t want winter to come again already.

Month total: May 2011

Number of rest days: 3
Number of running days: 16
Total kilometers ran: 137.3
Biking: 20.8K
Swimming: 1000m, 25 minutes
Walking with Harley: 75.2K
Other: Insanity (40 minutes) & No More Trouble Zones (20 minutes)

Best run of the month? Definitely the Centaur Subaru Half Marathon!!


Now that my half marathon training is over and my next official race is not until September, I am needing something to keep me motivated and in running shape. Nicole almost had me convinced to sign up for another half marathon in July, but then I realized that we have a wedding on that weekend. Is it bad that I was sad I can’t run it?! I am hoping to find a 5k or 10k to run this summer and then maybe this fun race! It’s only 5k, but definitely more of a challenge than just straight running.

Ok, so onto my next goal. I am thinking of doing a sprint triathlon on July 17 here in Calgary. I have never done one before and I will admit the thought of doing one kind of scares me! I found a training plan that is 8 weeks long from Hal Hidgon, so I would have to skip a week if I started now, but I think it’s doable. I have all of the equipment except for a wet suit for the triathlon, so I wouldn’t have to buy anything except the race entrance. So, do you think I can pull this off in less than 8 weeks?

Have you ever done a triathlon? If so, any tips or advice for me?!


  1. Oh wow, you're awesome and brave! I've never done a triathlon because I'm scared of the open water swimming! I'm a baby though : ) I am sure you can rock it, and it will be fun to mix things up!

    I hope you find a couple races to keep you motivated too. I'm doing the same thing- looking for 5ks and 10ks until my next half!

  2. That's so cool that you have all the km's! Love that. Triathlons are fun! You can do it! :)

  3. No tips but I definitely think you can do it!

  4. I think a triathlon would be a great idea! Women's Health Magazine had an article on triathlons in May I bet you can find some great info of their website.
    Good luck!
    There is also "the underwear affair" for below the belt cancers and the stampede run I think they have 10km

  5. I think you could do it! You already have a really strong running base!!

    I am thinking of doing one the second last weekend of August in Kelowna :)

  6. Oh trying to put the blame on me for almost signing up for another half!?!?! I am disappointed that you have a wedding that weekend :(

    I think you could totally pull off a tri in July! You will need to book your wetsuit ASAP. If you do decide to do it, let me know if you need any help with anything. I am good with transitions! And make sure you practice some brick workouts- running right off the bike.

    Great job with your distance this month! You have definitely surpassed me now for the year! I will catch up though! :)

  7. I say GO FOR IT. You are so inspiring and have completed all of your goals already!

  8. I have never done a sprint tri... I don't have a bike, so that is what is keeping me from trying tris. But i would like to try one some day!

    May was a great month for you!

  9. You had a VERY successful May!! How fun! I am kinda terrified of Tri's. I can only doggie paddle and I have zero coordination on a bike haha It's kinda pathetic actually. You should totally do it!! You would be amazing!

  10. Yeah yeah yeah!! I am doing my first one next week!! SO NERVOUS! I suck on the bike, haha. Well, and the run....oh this is going to be bad!



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