Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ok, I won't lie. I am in a down right foul and grumpy mood. I am going to blame it on PMS. Love being a girl!

No more complaining from me, I promise :) A friend sent me more pictures from this weekend, so I thought I would share. That and because my brain was not in the mood for coming up with a post for today.

The girls and our dogs

The boys & M before their bike ride

Yours truly and Harley


  1. At least you can admit it when you are grumpy!!

    Those 2 pictures of you and Harley are framers for sure!!! Love the mountains in the background!

  2. Harley is getting SO BIG! I agree with Nicole - you HAVE to frame that first pic of you and Harley. With the mountains in the background it's breathtaking!

  3. Ah being a girl sucks sometimes - ok, a lot of times :). At least you have those pretty pictures to cheer you up!

  4. Those pics are so great! You are so photogenic! I was grumpy today too. I also blame pms. And annoying co workers. Could there just be a mute button for some people?

  5. Love those pics! :) Cheer up! Hope you have a better night than you did today. Have some ice cream. :) Always helps.

  6. Harley looks so big in that last photo! I guess I haven't seen him in a while! Love them! I hope your evening clears up your mood! Dang PMS. I'm not looking forward to getting that back!!



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