Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! It's my Friday and I am so excited about that! I am beyond tired this week {thanks again PMS} so I am ready for a day off. The dreary and rainy weather that we are having here isn't helping either.

This TTT is going to be a round of 'would you rather'. It's fun, so we're doing it :)

{one} Would you rather go on an all expenses paid trip to Australia or across Europe?

{two} Would you rather run or bike across Canada?

{three} Would you rather date Prince Harry or Prince William?

Let's hear your answers!


  1. Love it!!!

    1) Europe!
    2) Bike
    3) This is hard!! Prince Harry would be lots of fun but that might get annoying after awhile! I would probably go with Prince William since he seems more loyal and less likely to get into a bunch of trouble.

    What are your answers???

  2. Since I've already been to Europe I'll pick Australia. But that was a TOUGH one because I adored Europe and would love to go back...

    Actually, scratch that, I pick Europe!! There are so many places I didn't see and places I would love to go back to!!

    I would I think. Not sure I like biking THAT much. Then again, biking would be quicker and so much easier on my body!

    Harry is cuter but William seems to be more of a family man. Hmm. Hmmm. Let's go with... HARRY!

  3. 1) Australia
    2) Bike (easier on my knees)
    3) NEITHER!!! They're cute, but not my types. (And I love my beau.)

  4. 1) Australia (I've been to Europe already! but I would go again)
    2) BIKE. I can't run at all.

  5. 1.) Europe
    2.) Bike. Like Rachel, I can't run. And plus, I just don't like it.
    3.) Harry ....although I wouldn't turn down either. haha!

  6. 1. Europe because i studied abroad in Australia so have seen a lot of the country already.
    2. Run. But it would take a really long time so I better have a trust fund or win the lottery or something. ;)
    3. Neither. Ha. Is that cheating to give that answser? I think Harry is a playboy and William is married so I can't date him - not even in my pretend world. :)

  7. Slacker commenter here:
    1. Either! But I might pick Europe first. Although, I like their accents too much and might end up making out with everyone.
    2.Bike. That's a long ass run. I still wanna take my camera.
    3. Those boys do nothing for me in the looks dept. BUT I would pick Harry because well...he's more harry. William is losing too much hair and will look like his dad soon. *barf*

  8. Europe, run and Harry all the way! I loved William when I was a teenager, but Harry's hair has held up much better and he's kind of a bad boy.

  9. Australia, Bike, and Wiliam!! Good questions!!

  10. Oooh I would have to say Europe, run (I am AWFUL at biking), and Harry!!! Harry just seems way more entertaining than William!



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