Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Only because it’s Thursday aka Friday this week, and I am excited this week is finally over, we are going to do another round of “would you rather” Thursday.

Here we go!

{1} Would you rather be on MasterChef or Hell’s Kitchen?
I personally love Gordon, but I can’t cook that well. So I would definitely be yelled at either way!

{2} Would you rather chug a container of eggnog or eat the burger family from A&W in one sitting?


{3} Would you rather run a file across your teeth or walk barefoot across broken glass? {just to note, this one came from Mr.D!}

Let’s hear your answers!


I hope everyone has a great long weekend! I am hoping the nice weather sticks around so we can enjoy it Smile

What do you have planned for the long weekend?


  1. 1. Master Chef. I could NOT handle Hell's Kitchen. I would be like that dumb girl that can't cut onions.
    2. I don't even know what the burger family is at A&W. But I do know they are on the list of brands that will disappear by next year. I'd choose egg nog...because I love it. And it goes well with alcohol. And really, that's all that matters in a beverage.
    3. A file across my teeth? Is that like chewing on tin foil? Cuz that doesn't sound that bad. I never have problems at the dentist with their drills, so I'll go with a file. Even though I don't know what the heck that means. Is that a Canadian thing? LOL

    No plans this weekend and I LIKE IT that way!

  2. Oh my....
    1. Hell's Kitchen. I am not a great cook but I like GR! :)
    2. Yikes. I'll go with the egg nog, I don't think I could eat 5 burgers or whatever it is! But I do love burgers!
    3. Mr. D really? I would do the glass. I think I would do it! :) So there Mr. D! :)

  3. OK-
    1- I've only actually seen one episode of Master Chef, but it seems a little tamer than Hell's Kitchen, so I'll go with Master Chef.

    2- I'm not a fan of egg nog and would probably throw up after half the container, so I'd eat the burger family.

    3- I'll take the glass. I'm getting that "ew gross" feeling just thinking about the file on my teeth.

  4. 1. Master Chef, duh.
    2. Burgers. I'm lactose intolerant. The egg nog would be miserable.
    3. I don't think I could choose for this one...

    Happy Thursday!

  5. 1. Master Chef- only because I have never seen it and Hell's Kitchen scares me!

    2. Eggnog- I can't eat fast food burgers right now after J told me about the "pink slime."

    3. File across the teeth- I won't be able to run for awhile if I cut my feet from walking on glass!

  6. I have never heard of Master Chef, and I have never seen Hell's Kitchen! So I will cheat and say I would go on Top Chef becuase I have a crush on one of the hosts, Tom Colichio.

    Burgers. Eggnog grosses me out.

    File across teeth!

  7. Master chef, burgers and ummm, neither! AGH! Lol



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