Friday, July 29, 2011

Do you tweet?

I do as of today! I won't mention any names *cough Amber cough*, but that person might have twisted my rubber arm and got me to sign up. You can find me here: @bestthingislove.

Come follow me so it looks like I have friends :) To make it even easier, there is a link on the right hand side of my blog.

Have a great weekend!

{happy friday}

Well hello there Friday, I am so glad to see you! Maybe next time you could come around a little faster okay?

Today is my last day of work for over two weeks and I am so excited! That and the fact that my mom is flying in tonight and I get to spend a whole week with her.

Do you know what else makes me excited and happy? That I came home last night and found this waiting on the bed for me:

That sneaky Mr.D! Of course I love it as it will be perfect for reading books this next week on the beach :) I think Mr.D is a keeper for sure :)

I don't know how much I will be around on the blog for the next week, so I hope you have a great week and I can't wait to catch up when I get back!

What do you have planned for the weekend? What are you happy or excited about today?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I don’t get…

about running. I am still relatively new to the whole running game, but here are some things that are puzzling me during that short time. It should also be mentioned that all of these came to me while running. Productive I know!

  1. the whole barefoot/ Vibram running hype
    • When I do my runs at lunch time, I often see a number of the same men who are either running barefoot or in Vibrams. I understand that it is supposed to be better for your feet and for your running, but I still don’t get it. There is too much sh*t on the pathways for me to want to run barefoot. Convince me of the benefits, and I might just try it.
  2. girls who wear their long hair down while running
    • I personally can’t stand hair in my face while running or playing sports. My hair is either put back with bobby pins, headbands or a hat. Never will you find me running with it down. Way too hot and annoying!
  3. why guys can run without their shirt on, but girls get dirty looks
    • On hot days, I have been tempted to take my shirt off, but I always feel like I would get funny stares. Or they would just be checking out this hot bod, bahaha. {totally kidding by the way}
  4. why you are having a good run and then all of the sudden the urge happens. You know the one that says get to a bathroom RIGHT NOW
    • Worst thing ever. Especially when you are no where near a bathroom or home and you have to go NOW. Why body why?
  5. why women think Lululemon is made for everyone and that it’s flattering on all body shapes
    • all the power to you for working out, but just because you are wearing Lululemon, it doesn’t mean you necessarily should be. There was one lady I saw at the gym all of the time decked out in head to toe lulu and her tank tops were always too short and her pants were a little too tight. It just wasn’t a good look at all.
  6. why in a race, there are garbage cans really close for water cups, but people just throw them on the ground
    • I understand you want to continue to run and drink, but if you pass a garbage can after you throw it on the ground, why not just throw it out in the first place? Remember it’s the volunteers who have to pick up after your lazy butt. Ok that was more of a rant, but I still don’t understand why people can’t just throw their cup in the garbage?!

Anyone care to enlighten me on any of the above points? What don’t you understand about running? Do share!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{what I’m loving}

Happy Wednesday everyone! It means one day closer to Friday and to my holidays! Love it.


This week, I am loving:

{one} Home grown peas straight from the pod! When Mr.D’s parents came last weekend, his mom brought me a big bag of peas from his grandparents garden. Nothing beats home grown veggies. Did I mention that his grandparents are in their late 80s and early 90s and still garden!?


{two} Cookies straight from the oven! Nothing beats freshly baked cookies. I have had such a craving lately, so I decided to make some last night. They were begging me to eat three, so I did. I enjoyed every bite of them!


{three} Continuing with the food theme, last night Mr.D make risotto that tasted just like macaroni and cheese except a million and one times better. Too bad it isn’t good for my beach body. I am drooling just thinking about it right now.

{four} That this time next week, we will be sitting on a beach with no cares in the world. And that I get to see my mom for a whole week!

What are you loving today? Do share Smile

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Training Tuesday

Week three

Total kilometers

Cross training
Walking: 3.74K
Fitness: 40 minutes {Fitnessista Summer Shapeup Week Two & on the fly workout}


I won’t lie, last week sucked for my runs. It felt like my legs were dead weight all week and just couldn’t get my mind into the runs. I really hate runs like that as it really beats me mentally, which is silly as I know I can run a half marathon.

I don’t think that I’ve mentioned it on here, but I signed up for a 10k in August. We have to be in Edmonton for a baby and wedding shower, and there was a 10k on the Saturday night, so I thought why not? Plus, you get a medal for finishing Smile Even better!

How is your training going? Have you signed up for any races lately?

Monday, July 25, 2011

{weekend recap}

Well hello there Monday, I am not excited to see you! Ok, just a little bit because it means that I am one day closer to my holidays Smile

{friday} Mr.D’s parent’s stopped at our house for the night as they were on their way out of town for holidays. It was a pretty relaxing night, as we just had dinner and then hung out.

{saturday} We were up bright and early to see Mr.D’s parent’s off. Pretty sure shortly after they left, we started to watch a movie and I proceeded to fall asleep for over two hours. It was glorious! In the afternoon, we took Harley to the dog park so he could run and swim in the river. That night, we just hung out and watched Limitless.

{sunday} I did my long run of 8k in the morning, and then we hung out outside as the nice weather has finally decided to return! We had bought Harley a kiddie pool, so we filled it up for him and let him play in there. It was hilarious to watch!


Other than that, I went to the mall quickly in search of a new bathing suit, but had no luck. But did manage to find a pair of shorts and a new skirt for work Smile

How was your weekend? What were you up to?

Friday, July 22, 2011

My 7 Links

**I am reposting this using Windows Live Writer because there were issues with my links before. Sorry if you tried to read the links and they didn’t work earlier!**

I am sure you have seen this floating around the blogsphere lately, but I was tagged by the fabulous Amber and Paula today so I thought I would play along. Both are running machines, so make sure you check out their blogs :)
The details mean I am to link to a post of my own for each of the categories:

  • Your most beautiful post
  • Your most popular post
  • Your most controversial post
  • Your most helpful post
  • A post whose success surprised you
  • A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
  • The post that you are most proud of

Here we go!

Most beautiful: happy birthday Leigh
Mr.D doesn't make many writing appearances on my blog, but he wrote a post for my 24th birthday. I still read it every now and then because he took the time to sit down and write a post for me when blogging isn't his thing.

Most popular: DIY Guestbook followed by recipe Friday
I get lots of hits for wedding related stuff, but the recipe for the Joey's viva salad is definitely popular one!

Most controversial: Oh what do to?
I wouldn't say it's very controversial, but it is one of the few times that I've talked about something very personal on my blog before.

Most helpful: I can't name one post in particular, so I thought I'd link to my DIYsection as there are lots of tutorials there!

Surprise success: Race Report: Centaur Subaru Half Marathon
I was surprised at how many people read my race report and commented on it. The blogging world is an amazing place for support and encouragement! I definitely could have not made it through training each week without everyone's comments.

Didn't get the attention it deserved: The difference a year makes
This one was hard to choose, but I really liked this post as it continues to show me how far I have come and changed in just one year. I can only imagine how much I have grown from the time this blog started until today.

Most proud of: My triathlon recaps part one and part two
Even though it's still fresh in my mind, that swim seriously beat me down mentally and I had to dig deep through the rest of the race. It shows me that I can do anything I set my mind to and that I can only grow from there!

I am nominating:

Alison from The Life and times of Alison and Justin
Chrissi from Home is where the heart is
Deb from Deb Tris
Rachel from Rachel and John
Amanda from Simple girl, simple pleasures

And if you weren't nominated and want to play along, go ahead!

ps- happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a fantastic weekend :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Hello Thursday, if only you were Friday. I would love you even more if you were Smile

This week’s three things Thursday is all about things that I am excited about and loving this week. Here we go:

{one} That I booked my flights for Victoria in October! I am so excited to not only see my cousin, but also spend the weekend with Amber, Lisa and Lauren. Seeing Victoria will be so much fun as I hear it’s gorgeous and not to mention running another half marathon Smile

{two} That Mr.D and I went on a date last night. It doesn’t happen very often during the week, but it was a fun change. We went to a restaurant called Gaucho, which serves Brazillian BBQ. In other words, lots and lots of meat!

{three} That my mom is coming in a week to visit! I haven’t seen her for a few months so I am excited to spend a whole week with her.
Dominican Republic 2008 195


What are you excited about or loving today?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lake Chestermere Sprint Triathlon Race Report {part two}

Picking up where I left off yesterday, I had finished my two laps of the bike course and was heading into transition.

Transition two

This transition was way quicker as all I had to do was take off my bike shoes and helmet and throw my running shoes on. I quickly grabbed a few sport beans to eat while on the run and I was so thankful for them!

The run

The run course consisted of two laps which were about 2.3k each. There was two little hills that felt HUGE when your calves were cramping and legs were feeling like jello! One part of the run course was through a neighbourhood and someone had put out a sprinkler for us. So, so thankful for it as it was hot out by this point!

I was really hot during the run, so I had to take a few walking breaks. I think those saved me and I was happy with my choice to walk.

4.6k run: 27:31

After two laps of the run course, I was so happy to be going through the finishing chute!

Overall finishing time: 1:46:39, 6 out of 9 in my age group

Final thoughts

First and most importantly, I want to say a huge thank you to my husband for getting up super early with me, cheering me on and taking lots of pictures. I could not do it without you!

Second, thank you to Rachel and her family for coming out to watch. It was nice to have familiar faces cheering me on.

As soon as I crossed the finish line, I was so happy to be done. I can say with complete certainty, that this triathlon was way harder mentally then running the half marathon was for me. The swim beat me down so much, that I really struggled for the rest of the race. But, a day later, I can say that I am happy with myself for starting and finishing the race. Lots of people will never do a triathlon in their life time, and I am glad I have had the experience of doing it.

Maybe not this year, but I will be back to do another sprint triathlon to show that open water swim I CAN do it! Smile

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lake Chestermere Sprint Triathlon Race Report {part one}

Sunday morning started off bright and early at 5:30am. Mr.D was a trooper and got up with me at that time to make the 40 minute drive to the race site. We arrived at the race site around 6:45am and it wasn’t too busy yet, which was perfect.

After we arrived, I quickly set up my bike/transition. Deb had come by at this point to chat and she gave me some pointers on how to set up my area, which I was thankful for! Once my transition area was set up, I walked over to get my body marked and pick up my timing chip.
After I was marked and picked up my timing chip, I had well over an hour to kill. That was fine to me as I would rather be there early than late and be frazzled before the race. While waiting for my event to begin, I had my breakfast, made some bathroom stops and watched the try a tri and Olympic distances go before us.

At this point, I was starting to get really nervous for the swim. All I wanted to do was start near the back of the pack and SURVIVE! A couple minutes before the swim began, I made my way down to the starting and went into the water to get used to it. It was still cold!
Suited up and ready to go

Almost ready to go and the nerves were written all over my face!

The swim:

With a countdown from the race director, we were off for the 750m swim. I was fine for the first 100m of the swim, but then my heart rate started to accelerate and I could not get a hold of my breathing! I was really starting to panic at this point, so I had to keep rolling onto my back to try and get my breathing and heart rate under control. That combined with the fact that the water was really cold, which made breathing even harder, I decided to focus on making it to each buoy and not worry about others passing me. At this point in the swim, I wondered what I had gotten myself into and wanted the swim to be over so badly!

Slowly, but surely I made my way to the last buoy using lots of breast and back stroke. I was never happier to see the boat ramp and the volunteers who helped pull us up the slippery ramp.
Making my way to the transition

750m swim: 21: 22

Transition one

I don’t have my official times for my transitions, but all I know is that I tried to be as fast as my legs and brain would let me! On the run from swim to the transition, I had taken my goggles and swim cap off and started to undo my wet suit. As soon as I had reached my area, I struggled to get my wet suit off. It’s more difficult than you think! Once I had my wet suit off, I quickly pulled my shorts, socks and tank top on. I then put on my socks, shoes, sunglasses and helmet before it was time for the bike ride. My transition area was near the fence, so Mr.D was right there cheering me and all I remember telling him was that I was tired already! The swim definitely threw my confidence for a loop.
Struggling with my shirt in transition
Looking way too happy in the transition area!

The bike

After quickly running my bike out of the transition area, I was off for two laps of the ~11k ride. The bike course was out through a bit of the residential area and then onto the highway. Two of the road sections were busier roads, which actually wasn’t too bad as it had a wider shoulder.

The hardest part of the bike ride was getting control of my breathing and heart rate again. I won’t lie, the swim really got my self confidence down, so there was a couple minutes on the ride where I fought back tears and had to tell myself to buck up and finish this race strong!
Coming in off the bike ride

23.2k bike: 57:47

I will finish up the recap with the last transition and run tomorrow as it is getting a little long.

Monday, July 18, 2011

{weekend recap}

Hello and goodbye weekend! Why do you always have to go by so fast?!

{friday} After work, I stopped to pick up my race package for my triathlon on Sunday. After that, Mr.D and I ran some errands…we had important things to buy. Floaties for the water and a new air mattress as we are going camping/beaching in two weeks! So excited for the sun and sand Smile

{saturday} The morning was spent hanging out and I went for a short run, and it was hot! In the afternoon, the triathlon was offering a few information session and I needed all the help I could get, so of course I went. I met Deb there as I saw on her blog that she was also doing the triathlon. It was nice to have someone else there and she gave me lots of helpful tips. Thanks again Deb Smile
Later that night, we went to a friend’s house for a pot luck and BBQ. It was a gorgeous night out and of course ate way too much food!

{sunday} The morning started bright and early at 5:30am for my triathlon. It was definitely quite the experience, but I will do a full recap tomorrow. Rachel, Henry and John also came to watch my tri, so after it was done, we went over to their house to let the crazy pups play and of course to spend time with Henry! (and you too Rachel!)

The rest of the day was spent hanging out in the sun and relaxing. The perfect way to end a weekend Smile

How was your weekend? What were you up to?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am officially a triathlete!

While it might not have been my finest race, I am happy to say that I survived my first triathlon!

I will be back Tuesday with a full recap :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

{happy friday}

It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday! Sorry, got a little carried away there for a second. Can you tell I am excited the weekend is here?!

This weekend, we are:

  • going to a friend's down the street for a BBQ
  • going to a training session on the transitions for my triathlon on Saturday
  • triathlon on Sunday!
  • hanging out and enjoying the sunshine that we are finally supposed to have!
Hope you have a great weekend everyone!

What do you have planned for the weekend? Anything exciting?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I decided to change up my TTT again. Because I am always on the look out for new recipes, I decided I would share three that we have tried recently and enjoyed Smile

{one} blueberry greek yogurt banana bread from Emily of Daily Garnish. So easy to make and so delicious! I have a tonne of blueberries and bananas in my future, so I can see this one being repeated!
My version

{two} creamy taco mac from The Way The Cookie Crumbles. Seriously so easy again and so delicious! I think I might just make it tomorrow night Smile

{three} sausage & mushroom manicotti from All Recipes. Mr.D found this one and it was pretty tasty! The shells were tough to stuff, but worth it in the end.


Have you tried any new recipes lately that are a keeper?  Do share!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I hope you like random …

because that’s what you are getting on this fine Wednesday.

  1. It’s Nicole’s birthday today! Make sure you stop by her blog to give her some birthday lovin’ Smile
  2. Mr.D is getting Lasik surgery today. I think he is excited to finally get rid of his contacts and glasses. I don’t blame him.
  3. I went to the YMCA after work last night to swim and I was about ready to punch the three men in my lane. I don’t mind sharing a lane, but if you are a slow swimmer, please swim in the slow lane, not the fast lane. And while you’re at it, if you know I am right on your tail for the whole time, let me pass you at the wall, and don’t take off slowly in front of me. Even more if you are in the fast lane, don’t stop half way through and hang onto the lane dividers. Thanks Smile
  4. Awhile ago, Alison and I had ordered some Bondi Bands together and one of mine was super thin after just a few wears. I emailed the company with the issue and they responded immediately saying that they would send me another one free of charge. Talk about a great customer service!
  5. Remember this post back at the start of the year? I have completed: run a 10k in under a hour {race recap} and run a half marathon {race recap}. Working on trying a triathlon this weekend and I have started to print wedding pictures and hang pictures on the walls. Proof:
    The living room
    Spare bedroom

            Our bedroom (don’t mind the mess Smile)

Tell me something, anything. Could be about something coming up in your life, what you ate for dinner, what book you are reading Smile

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Training Tuesday

Total Kilometers

Swimming: 750m, 20 minutes
Cycling: 35.6 kilometers
Other: 0


Last week was a little lame in terms of work outs because we were busy on the weekend and the weather was not cooperating at all. I am talking pouring rain, 10C (in July!) and mosquitos galore! Yes, I am a wimp, but between everything we had to do, I felt like I had zero time this weekend.  I missed my run on Saturday and was going to swim or bike on Sunday, but I wasn’t feeling well. Ok enough excuses! Smile

I can’t believe that my triathlon is on Sunday already! To be honest, I haven’t trained as much as I could have for this, but I am planning on doing it for fun and just to finish Smile Maybe I will surprise myself with my time, but either way I will happy to survive the cold water swim!


Just for fun, I thought I would post this picture my mom put on Facebook last night. Looks like I was ready for Calgary before I even knew it Winking smile



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