Friday, July 15, 2011

{happy friday}

It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday! Sorry, got a little carried away there for a second. Can you tell I am excited the weekend is here?!

This weekend, we are:

  • going to a friend's down the street for a BBQ
  • going to a training session on the transitions for my triathlon on Saturday
  • triathlon on Sunday!
  • hanging out and enjoying the sunshine that we are finally supposed to have!
Hope you have a great weekend everyone!

What do you have planned for the weekend? Anything exciting?


  1. Hey, what distance are you doing at Chestermere? We should try to meet up?

  2. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

    Seriously, I cannot wait to hear all about it. I am so excited for you!!

  3. YAY! So excited for your tri!!! :)

  4. Good luck in your tri! You're going to do great!

  5. Good luck on the triathalon! I can't wait to hear about it!
    If you barf, do it in the water. Much cleaner. Unfortunately, that is the only advice I have. And it's sucky advice.

  6. good luck on the triathalon! i know you'll do great!!!

  7. I plan to garden, clean my house and cheer you on on Sunday!!

  8. Good luck!! YOu willl do great, I just know it!!

    I am going on a girls weekend to a spa in Wisconsin! My friend got a killer deal for us because she knows someone in reservations. I have never gone on a girls weekend like this so it should be a blast!!

  9. Enjoy your weekend, Leigh! And good luck on the tri, not that you'll need it :)

  10. Good luck!!

    This weekend has started out great witha day off and day of just hanging out with friends all afternoon after a brick workout in the morning :)



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