Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I don’t get…

about running. I am still relatively new to the whole running game, but here are some things that are puzzling me during that short time. It should also be mentioned that all of these came to me while running. Productive I know!

  1. the whole barefoot/ Vibram running hype
    • When I do my runs at lunch time, I often see a number of the same men who are either running barefoot or in Vibrams. I understand that it is supposed to be better for your feet and for your running, but I still don’t get it. There is too much sh*t on the pathways for me to want to run barefoot. Convince me of the benefits, and I might just try it.
  2. girls who wear their long hair down while running
    • I personally can’t stand hair in my face while running or playing sports. My hair is either put back with bobby pins, headbands or a hat. Never will you find me running with it down. Way too hot and annoying!
  3. why guys can run without their shirt on, but girls get dirty looks
    • On hot days, I have been tempted to take my shirt off, but I always feel like I would get funny stares. Or they would just be checking out this hot bod, bahaha. {totally kidding by the way}
  4. why you are having a good run and then all of the sudden the urge happens. You know the one that says get to a bathroom RIGHT NOW
    • Worst thing ever. Especially when you are no where near a bathroom or home and you have to go NOW. Why body why?
  5. why women think Lululemon is made for everyone and that it’s flattering on all body shapes
    • all the power to you for working out, but just because you are wearing Lululemon, it doesn’t mean you necessarily should be. There was one lady I saw at the gym all of the time decked out in head to toe lulu and her tank tops were always too short and her pants were a little too tight. It just wasn’t a good look at all.
  6. why in a race, there are garbage cans really close for water cups, but people just throw them on the ground
    • I understand you want to continue to run and drink, but if you pass a garbage can after you throw it on the ground, why not just throw it out in the first place? Remember it’s the volunteers who have to pick up after your lazy butt. Ok that was more of a rant, but I still don’t understand why people can’t just throw their cup in the garbage?!

Anyone care to enlighten me on any of the above points? What don’t you understand about running? Do share!


  1. My brother in law runs in the five finger toes shoes and swears by them!

  2. Lululemon is definitely for all body types. I'm thinking that girl just didn't buy the right thing because they have some longer tops that I love!

    Oh, and I always throw my cup away in the garbage! :-)

    Ha, and I have a fitness instructor who always wears her hair down. I do NOT get it.

  3. This is hilarious.

    I totally run sans shirt during the summer. I ignore the honking/rude people (and thankfully, rarely run solo!). I just loathe the feeling of a wet sweaty shirt sticking to me. So gross!!

    And workout clothes are just like anything--please, for the love of all things holy, wear a size that FITS YOU. Not everyone is an XS...that is why they make them in S, M, L and XL as well!

  4. girl i have the same questions!!! Seriously! i've been researching the five finger shoes recently and they make them tough and thick enough to where you can't feel pebbles or sticks or any sharp object on the ground. I could never really go barefoot!

  5. I DO NOT get the hair down at all!!!! I have mine pulled back with a rubber band, bobby pins and a headband! The last thing I want are sweaty hairs sticking to my face while I'm trying to work out!

    Totally agree about the clothing sizes. Find something that fits! I would love to try some Lulu gear, but it is WAY out of my budget!!

  6. I agree with the barefoot running but I still want to try it! I know when I ran my marathon I saw a guy who had to stop and empty is Vibrams out because he had rocks in them, ouch!
    haha, I have said the same thing about the girls with their long hair down! Mine is always back and with a headband too!
    Funny on one of our last runs, my hubby took off his shirt and I thought the exact same thing! No different than wearing a bikini, really!
    People need to understand also that moving a size up in Lulu isn't a bad thing and that it doesn't have to be skin tight!
    I never use water stations but often wonder the same thing. OR why people insist on coming to a dead stop at the water station in the middle of the trail! Move the heck over!

  7. Totally agree!!! It drives me nuts when I see girls run with their hair down! God forbid you don't look good while running!
    Take that shirt off Leigh and let them look! :)

  8. I agree with more than half of these statements. I don't know which to comment on first. I think the biggest one that drives me nuts is the hair down. HOW do they do it?! My hair gets sweaty while up in a pony tail, how am I going to deal with it down...?! You're not alone on these, Leigh!

  9. Ha I agree SO MUCH!
    Uhm, the barefoot vibrams thing...I don't get, AND I even know people who wear them 24/7. The bathroom issue sucks! Maybe beacause everything is getting pushed down!? AND the cup thing?! I think people don't want to take the time to put them in the trash can!

  10. One of my running friends ALWAYS wears her hair down. It baffles me.

    I agree, drives me crazy when people don't throw their cups in the garbage!!!

    Read 'Born to Run' then you'll get the whole barefoot/vibram running movement :) Vibram's apparently strengthen your feet and legs making you a better runner!

  11. Leigh, this was a fun post! I find that 1) I like my vibrams but only wear them about 1-2 times per week on a walk with the dog. I do run short jaunts (60 seconds at a time) about 4-6 times during the walk just to build a little foot strength, but I think it takes a long time to build up. 2) Long hair and sweaty neck do not mix. Ick. 3) I want to lose the love handles so I feel confident in running in just my sports bra 4) Know where all the bathrooms are in your town - it's a must 5)Baaahahaha. Some people just need to learn that looser, well fitting clothes actually make them look better 6) I get annoyed and will carry my cup as long as I want to drink that water and if I have to throw it onto the side of the road, I will.

  12. I almost stopped a run one day because my haiR elastic broke and I wasn't sure how I was going to get through the rest of my run without my hair up. I have no idea how people do it.

  13. Ugh. blogger ate my first comment... Here goes again. YOu could totally run shirtless. If you get dirty looks, they will be looks of envy. You are tiny and can totally pull it off! I ran shirtless when I trained in 2006 for the marathon as I was much smaller and it waw SO HOT.

    The bathroom thing has something to do with blood rapidly leaving our abdomen to replenish other areas like our leg muslces or something like that? I read about it once but can't remember all of the science behind it! Not fun, though!

  14. Hahaha, this post made me chuckle!
    So glad I found your blog and am your newest follower:)

  15. 1: I think barefoot running is way too trendy. I think it works really well for some people, but too many people do it to be unique rather then because it's right for them.

    2. Totally agree. I don't know how they stand it.

    3. I don't think women get funny stares so much as ogling stares. Having said that, men seem to run shirtless no matter their body type, but it's only acceptable for women to do so if they're in good shape.

    4. Yep, happens to me too. I take solace in the fact that it's a common problem.

    5. I think the bigger problem is wearing the wrong size. Having said that, Lulu is not for everyone simply because they don't go up past a certain size. If their biggest size doesn't fit you, you shouldn't wear their stuff until it does...

    6. In the vulcan tri, they were dumb and put the garbage can right beside the water, so I understood it there. When there's a good distance, I agree with you. I get it if you aim for the garbage and miss, but to purposely throw it on the ground is just plain rude.



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