Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Training Tuesday

It is super crazy to me that this week marks the start of my next half marathon training cycle! I am still working in workouts for my upcoming triathlon, so there will be a lot more cross training in the next two weeks, but I think it’s a good thing.

Total Kilometers
11.7 {super lame again I know}

Swimming: 1000m, 25 minutes
Cycling: 76 km
Other: Fitnessita summer shape up, week one: 25 minutes
Walking: 4 {I didn’t really keep track of this}

Last week was my first time biking to and from work and it went really well! The morning was much better because a) my legs weren’t tired and b) it wasn’t hot out yet. The way home was a bit longer as there was an accident on one part of my route home, so I had to find another way, but overall I quite enjoyed the break from driving. I am going to attempt this once a week this summer, and hopefully my calves thank me Smile

Wanna know a perk of swimming?
GUNS!!! Haha, I crack myself up Smile


  1. How far away from work do you live?

    I swam for the first time yesterday! Well, I mean, I've swam before...but I never did laps. I did a crap ton of laps in the pool and it was a NICE change from all the running. Hopefully I will be able to put on a gun show like you soon. :-)

  2. haha you crack me up too! Nice gun show! :)

  3. Wow Leigh! I would kill for arms like that!!

  4. It's true- swimming does wonders for the arms!

  5. Swimming TOTALLY gives you guns! Whoa! I am getting a punch pass to my local Y next week so I can start swimming and training for my tri!

    Good job biking to work. I seriously LOVE doing it. I haven't done it for about 3 weeks now which makes me sad. Definitely getting back into it when I get back from my business trip next week!

  6. nice guns! lol. wish i could swim..i dont think doggy paddling would give me a good set of muscles..

  7. Can I have your guns? No, seriously. ;)

  8. Jeeze, congrats to you! I give you full credit, I couldn't do what you are doing!

  9. Are you charging for the gun show? ;-)

    Way to go with the riding to work! I rode to work for a summer in Ottawa and hated the sections I had to ride on the road- I mostly was able to stay to the bike paths and was thankful for that.



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