Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Training Tuesday

Total Kilometers

Swimming: 750m, 20 minutes
Cycling: 35.6 kilometers
Other: 0


Last week was a little lame in terms of work outs because we were busy on the weekend and the weather was not cooperating at all. I am talking pouring rain, 10C (in July!) and mosquitos galore! Yes, I am a wimp, but between everything we had to do, I felt like I had zero time this weekend.  I missed my run on Saturday and was going to swim or bike on Sunday, but I wasn’t feeling well. Ok enough excuses! Smile

I can’t believe that my triathlon is on Sunday already! To be honest, I haven’t trained as much as I could have for this, but I am planning on doing it for fun and just to finish Smile Maybe I will surprise myself with my time, but either way I will happy to survive the cold water swim!


Just for fun, I thought I would post this picture my mom put on Facebook last night. Looks like I was ready for Calgary before I even knew it Winking smile



  1. You were so cute with that hat!!!

  2. I can't believe your triathlon is THIS weekend! Whoa! That came up fast! You'll do just fine, especially if you keep the attitude that it's all for good fun!

    That is such a cute picture of you in that hat!!

  3. Haha, you were so cute! I can't believe your triathlon is here already, you're going to do great.

  4. wow i triathlon, thats amazing! i bet you'll do great though.
    love that pic of you, too cute.

  5. You will have no problem completing the tri this weekend! 5k is nothing for you, you biked plenty and the swim isn't that bad! That wetsuit will keep you warm/buoyant!
    Love the cowgirl picture!! Such a cute kid!

  6. Adorable in the hat :)

    Good luck this weekend! You'll do GREAT.

  7. Wow, this tri came up super fast! You will do great and you have a great attitude about it. Best of luck, can't wait to hear all about it! Best of luck!



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