Thursday, July 7, 2011

Would you rather Thursday

Well hello Thursday, I am excited to see you! Especially because you are my Friday this week :) This morning I was finished getting ready for work and still have 15 minutes before I had to leave, so I crawled back into bed to cuddle with Mr.D and I ended up 'resting my eyes' for those minutes. It was delightful!

Okay, here we go with this week's round of would you rather:

{one} Would you rather not shave your armpits or legs for one full year?

Both would be pretty disgusting but I might have to go with legs. You can easily cover them up. Just hope for no beach vacations during that year!

{two} Would you rather go bungee jumping or skydiving?

I would have to say skydiving. Definitely want to do it before kids come along.

{three} Would you rather have your own show where you traveled the world or have your own cooking show?
I would have to say traveling show, as that would be sweet to be paid to see the world!

Your turn! Let's hear your answers :)


  1. I would say legs...skydive and traveling show. My legs would not be pretty, I have to shave almost daily! ha

  2. I agree, legs, skydiving and traveling show. :)

    Yuck...that picture of the legs grosses me out, but like you said...easier to hide. haha!

  3. 1. Neither (I know that's not an option, but I don't think I could handle it)
    2. Skydiving!!!!
    3. Cooking show (and I travel the world on my cooking show...also cheating haha)

  4. Oh my gosh those legs! If choosing between the two I'd have to pick that too. Also skydiving and my own cooking show! I want to be an awesome cook.

  5. 1) Legs. Like you said, easy to cover.

    2) Since I'm supposed to pick one, I'll say skydiving since I actually want to plan to do this one!

    3) I would take the traveling show if hubby were going to be able to go with!

  6. 1) armpits. I remember going to Germany when I was a kid and NONE of the ladies had shaven armpits so I could just go there and totally fit in.

    2) Neither...I'm so afriaid of heights but my BF Lauren made me do the zip line at COP and it was SO scary.

    3) Traveling! How fun would that be!

  7. 1. Legs- gross but better than the alternative
    2. Skydiving- don't want to do either but if I have to pick...
    3. Travel show- I don't cook so it would be a very boring cooking show!

  8. 1. I'm gonna go legs. If I can go 3 weeks, I can go a year. haha. Plus, people in Canada can TOTALLY do a year no prob with legs. You only show those things like a month out of the year. LOL
    2. Skydiving! I don't like that yanked back up deal with bungee jumping.
    3. Definitely travel. I suck in the kitchen. So unless you want the worst cooking show ever, I suggest they hire me for travel.

  9. 1. Armpits, but either would be so gross!!

    2. I have already bungee jumped so I have to say skydiving!

    3. Travel show, definitely!

    I haven't had internet for a week so i am so behind on blogs/commenting! Have a blast at your friend's wedding this weekend. It is so fun to have an event to get dressed up for. :)

  10. 1 - Legs, you can cover up your legs better than your armpits!
    2 - Bungee jump, however, I'm scared of heights
    3 - Cooking show, hands down. :)

  11. legs
    travel show

    man my legs would be SCARY!

  12. go shave both!!! lol



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