Thursday, August 25, 2011


This post has been brewing in my little noggin for a while, and I have a quick moment at work, so I thought I would lay my confessions out for the blogging world to see.

Here are my confessions..
  • I am deathly scared of someone breaking into my house when I am alone. Too many episodes of America's Most Wanted when I was younger. Oh and yes, we do have an alarm system. Totally irrelevant.
  • I sometimes feel like a 1950's housewife.
  • I thrive on routine. Spur of the moment plans make my heart race.
  • I unintentionally gave up drinking. I will still have a drink here and there, but barely drink anymore
  • I was the pickiest eater growing up. I would only eat chicken, KD and Diet Coke.
  • I find it hard to make girl friends. So I have a small number of close girl friends.
  • I have the humour of a 12 year old boy. See:

  • I sometimes wish I was taller...but then again I like being small
  • I hate public speaking. Even for our wedding speech, Mr.D said everything
What are your confessions for today?


  1. I also have trouble making girl friends. WEIRD.
    We had that poop book at our university house & we talked about poop far too often.
    I also dislike spur of the moment things. It takes me a while to get used to an idea.

  2. I'm with you on the people breaking in thing!

  3. I agree with public speaking - yuck!
    I also wish I was taller but then again decide nope, I like being short :)
    I am 100% a creature of habit - anything unplanned freaks me out a tad, then I remember to try and take a deep breath and go with the flow - I am trying on that one!
    I have a fear of being chased - maybe that is why I started running!?

  4. That first one on your list has been my biggest fear since I was, oh, I don't know, 4 years old. I used to love watching cop shows(well, still love those..) But I have a terrible fear of someone breaking in when I'm home!

  5. I like this edition!!!

    I will respond to each point:

    - I am totally not worried about someone breaking in. I think it comes from growing up in the country where we never locked out doors and left the keys in the ignition of our vehicles...
    - Yah the lack of cooking might be why I don't ever feel like a 1950s housewife!! And the whole going to work everyday...
    - Routine is my best friend... I hate last minute plans (not the plans themselves but just the lack of time to prepare!)
    - I have also given up drinking. It is intentional though and will only last for another 6 months!! Seriously, even before getting PG, I drank way less than I did even a few years ago.
    - I wasn't a picky eater growing up- I am more picky now though!
    - I find it hard to believe that you have a hard time making girlfriends! You are so easy to talk to and very approachable! Anytime you want to hang out, let me know!!
    - Humour of a 12 year old boy: sometimes? I can be a bit prudish though (i.e. I hate farting!) Haha!!
    - I wish I was taller too!! Mostly because I come from a family of tall people so I feel short! Even you thought I would be taller!
    - I dislike public speaking too. J said the entire speech at our wedding too and it is one of my regrets that I didn't say anything. I think I was more worried about crying though than the fear of speaking. Oh well!!

  6. my husband and i have seen that book many times and we are always tempted to pick it up. i am all about routine, spur of the moment can't handle them at all! newest follower :-)

  7. I hate public speaking too but Eric hates it more so I tend to do most of it! Once I get into a groove I'm OK but I do tend to talk really fast!

  8. I refuse to speak at our wedding (when it happens!) I honestly choose my classes based on what ones I think will have less public speaking projects! Nothing gets me quite as flustered!

    Oh, and I totally want that book!

  9. Sandy(your mom)
    I randomly ready your blog today and totally understand the fear of someone breaking in - we had such a bad storms here last night that I'm not sure what I was hearing - it's always someone with a knife - too much CSI.
    Love routines - but trying to stray off the mark - I left at 7a.m. for work instead of 6:30 a.m. whooo hooooo.
    someone told me once that you should only have as many girlfriends as fingers on the one hand.
    True friends are hard to find - anyone is lucky to have you as a friend. What a strange rule about the fingers?
    I love public speaking - strange but true - but I'm absolutely terrified of the dentist - can't begin to understand the fear.
    As for the 12 year old humour - I'm there!
    love you! Remember the laughing until we cried when we went camping - trying to get on the float. OMG people must have thought we lost our minds. Thanks for the thought provoking blog today... now i'M GOING TO A BIKE RIDE IN THE RAIN.... BREAKING MY ROUTINE!

  10. Test- I think it might be my work IE that won't let me comment on your blog because I think it's working now!

  11. Love this post and love that your mom left that comment! Awesome.
    I wish I was taller too. :) I totally hate public speaking, thought I would cry during our speech at our wedding but actually got through my parts! :)

  12. I confess I'm afraid of someone breaking in to my house to! Not that I have anything to take.

  13. I am surprised to hear you have trouble making girlfriends are you seem so so likeable to me! :)

    My confession is that more often than not, I forget to lock my door. So no one has to break in, they just have to turn the knob. Not smart since I live alone and all!

  14. Haha, I refused to do my own vows for the same reason. Also, I saved speech for the last class in college before I graduated and even took other irrelevant classes to avoid it.

    Oh, and I sleep with my cell phone by the bed in case someone "cuts the phone lines." You never know. I've seen it in movies!

  15. I like my routines too, a little too much. I don't have a lot of girlfriends either, I was a tomboy growing up and found it much easier to get along with boys. I was a picky eater when I was young, but I'm much better now. Although there are still somethings I won't eat.

  16. I agree with so many of these confessions, it's crazy! Especially the sticking to routine, and only having a few girlfriends. I find that quality over quantity rules when it comes to girls because it's hard to find...



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