Friday, August 26, 2011

{happy friday}

Happy Friday everyone! I know I am glad that it's finally here, how about you?

This weekend, we don't actually have much planned. A BBQ with friends tonight, a long run for me either Saturday or Sunday and maybe shopping for some winter running tights for me. Yes, I said winter. Yuck. I waited too long to find them last year, and the ones I wanted were sold out, so I am hoping to get them early this year. Fingers crossed the snow stays away for a long time!

On a random note, has anyone been watching this season of True Blood? I just watched last week's episode last night and I hate this season. The things they have thought up to bring into the show are ridiculous! I've loved the other seasons, but this one has killed the show for me. Thoughts?

What do you have planned for the weekend? Whatever it is, I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I want you to know that if it snows next week, I'm blaming you.

    Just for the record.

  2. Happy Friday Leigh!
    We have birthday BBQs tonight and tomorrow and looks like great weather for them!
    I have Lululemon's winter running tights and 100% recommend them, they are not badly priced at $90, when I have seen some as high as $150. They are warm and wick well too. I think they are called Alpine tights, not sure when they come back out for the season though.
    About TU - I agree! Which is too bad. But there is too many things going on and it is too out there for me. Have you read the books? I read all 7 - I think thats all of them?!

  3. It must be my work computer...

    I am jealous of your weekend! We are going to Camrose to visit J's grandparents (I am excited to see them!) but not looking forward to the driving and being away from home all weekend!

    Good call on the tights! Where are you looking? I actually tried looking too early last year (Sept) and Lululemon didn't have any winter running tights in yet! I want it to be capri running weather, not long tights quite yet!

    TB- never watched it! Do you have cable or do you download all your TV shows also? We are thinking of cutting the cable (we rarely watch TV so why pay $100 a month for it)

  4. I have a long run planned for the weekend too! Otherwise not much else is going on either. Have a fabulous weekend and a great run!!!

  5. I loovveee True Blood but you're right, this season is not impressing me at all. :/

  6. You know, I was going to do a blog post on TB this season! I'm not liking it either. I mean, it's not BAD...but it's not as good as the others at all. I have so many gripes about it!

  7. Completely agree! I love True Blood (and the Sookie Stackhouse Novels) but this season is getting on my nerves :-/

  8. I'll most likely be stuck inside the entire weekend with the hurricane heading right towards us!! And I know what you mean with TB. I'm still obsessed, but fairies and witches. And panther people. Ugh. But I don't mind seeing Alcide. He's easy on the eyes:)



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