Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer holiday recap {part two}

Ok, so where were we? Oh yes, we were visiting the wineries.

The second winery we went to was recommended to us for it’s restaurant, so we stopped there for lunch. The food was fantastic and so was the grounds of the winery.

On our last night in Penticton, we took my mom out for dinner as her birthday was coming up shortly. We went to a restaurant called Lost Moose, which is situated in the mountains above Penticton. The road there was a little scary, but the views were so worth it!

The days went by too fast and before we knew it, we were packing up again and heading home. We got home late on the Friday night and then my mom flew home on the Saturday morning. I was sad to see her go Sad smile Oh and on our way home, we made a pit stop in Lake Louise as my mom had never been. The weather was crappy, but the views were still fabulous Smile

Sad that our trip is over, but I am still on vacation this week…it’s just not the same when I'm not on a beach.

Have you gone on any summer vacations? Or do you have any plans?


  1. Holy crap to the view in those last pictures. I thought that stuff only existed on post cards. :-)

  2. Beautiful photos. LOVE BC. Vacations always go by way too fast!

  3. hello, my name is jealous, it's great to meet you.

    ....your pictures are fab and make me [obviously] jealous ;) i really like how you've pulled back part of your hair (in the blue dress pics). looks purrrdy :)


  4. Looks like an amazing vacation! Love all the pics.

    I still haven't been to Lake Louise. Plans to go a couple of times have fallen through. Must remedy that soon!

  5. BEAUTIFUL pictures! Sounds like a great time. I love that blue dress btw! Very cute!

  6. Those pictures are gorgeous. I Have always wanted to go to Lake Louise. I need to come visit you - some day! So many places to go, such a limited travel budget. :)

    I hope you are enjoying your time at home. I love staycations! Sure, I'd prefer a fun destination, but being home rocks, too!

  7. I miss it there already!! I love your blue sun dress!! You got some amazing sunset photos! Are those with your iphone or do you have a fancy DSLR??

  8. next time you should take your mom to Lake Moraine! She'd love it too, and I love it better than Lake Louise



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