Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Training Tuesday

Another Tuesday is here already! I can’t believe how fast this training cycle is going and how it’s almost September already!

Week Eight

Total kilometers

Swimming: 0
Biking: 0
Other: Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up 2011, week two: 23 minutes



Last week was a great training week. My runs during my lunch hour were a little hot, but I am not complaining because it’s supposed to be rainy and 12C today. Not fun mother nature! My long run wasn’t the greatest because of the heat and the fact that I haven’t run over 10k in a while, but I got it done.

How was your training week?


  1. I will admit I am looking forward to the cooler temps tonight for my run. The rain can stay away. Now if I can just get the morning sickness to back off so I feel well enough to run!

  2. Good job! It is REALLY cool out here today and I love it. I think I'm officially ready for fall :)

  3. I was doing recovery runs this week (it was a "rest" week) and they felt terrible...but then it was time for my long run on Sunday and it felt great! I guess the rest worked :) Yay 14 mile long run (and boo post-run sleepless night- but the run was a success and that works for me)

  4. I had a good training week. It was nice to do 2 runs with Amber! Esp the long one!! I am ready for fall and cool fall temps, though. It is mild this week, but on Thur it is going ot be 93 degrees which I am not excited about as I have speed work to do that night. Meh.



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