Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{what i’m loving}

I haven’t linked up with Jamie's {what i’m loving} Wednesday for a while, so I thought I would today Smile


This week, I am loving:

{one} This saying:
It’s so, so true!

{two} That there are only 45 days until the Victoria half marathon! That also means I get to see and finally meet some of these lovely ladies: Amber, Lisa and Lauren. It’s going to be a busy but fun weekend Smile

{three} That today is Wednesday which means one day closer to the weekend Smile

{four} The one thing that I am NOT loving this week is that the nights are getting so much shorter. I am not ready for winter and the cold that comes with it. It being almost dark when I get out of work is not fun.

What are you loving this week?


  1. I agree about the days being shorter, dark when I wake up and by 9:30pm almost :(
    Today I love that it is going to be 27 degree out and that I am 4 days away from holidays!
    You are going to have so much fun in Victoria! I am going in 2012 for sure :)

  2. It was still pitch black this morning at 5 when my alarm went off. So depressing, and SO MUCH HARDER to drag my butt out of bed for a run!

    SO EXCITED for Victoria. Omg.

  3. I'm ready for Fall but not for waking up while it's still dark outside. :(

  4. I am not ready for fall either! Except a fall wardrobe... maybe some slightly cooler temps for running.

  5. Love the saying too! And come on Friday already!!!

  6. I am loving that our trip is fast approaching! I am loving that Amber comes tomorrow!! I am loving that we have a fabulous weekend planned!!!

  7. I can't believe Victoria will be here so soon! And I'm kind of trying to deny that it's getting darker earlier. I don't want summer to end. It started SO freaking late here in Oregon that I need at least another good month of sunshine. Crossing fingers!



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