Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{what i’m loving}

This week, I am linking up with Jamie's {what i’m loving} Wednesday.


This week, I am loving:

{one} That the new season of Sons of Anarchy starts really soon! Love, love, love this show and can’t wait to see what happens this season. If you haven’t watched it, do it!

{two} Although I am not loving the rainy weather, it made for a nice run last night. It was lightly misting and overcast, which was perfect running weather.

{three} That this weekend is a long weekend (love me a sleep in day!) and that next week my Friday’s off start again. It’s so nice to have every third Friday off to get stuff done around the house or just to enjoy the day.

{four} That this cute face is always excited when I come home Smile Can you believe that his 1st birthday is next week already?!

What are you loving this week?


  1. My husband LOVES Sons of Anarchy!

  2. I'm loving the cooler temperatures and the fact that is cooling off at night. Though I"m not quite ready for it to be fall, I am happy that I'm no longer constantly sweating :)

  3. Wow how is Harley already one??? That is craziness!!!

    Today I'm loving the crisp fall weather. Fall is my FAVOURITE season and I'm excited for it :-)

  4. I am glad that you got a nice cool run in last night. I was puking again so no run for me, other than to the bathroom!! Haha!!

    Can't wait for the long weekend!! 3 sleep in days and we aren't going anywhere (well other than to some BBQs in town)!!

    Love Harley's cute face!! Are you planning a big 1st birthday party for him ;)

  5. I will have to get Just to find that show. I was planning to run today but Cruzie isnt feeling well. Yay for Harley's bday, we should have a surprise party! :)

  6. He's turning 1 already? Wow that last year sure went by fast!!

    I am loving the long weekend we have coming up. And i am loving that I had such a wonderful time this weekend and have another fabulous blogger weekend to look forward to in 6 weeks. :)



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