Friday, September 30, 2011

{happy friday}

Happy Friday everyone! I know I am once again thankful that it's here. This week has been super busy at work, so it will be nice to have a break and just relax.

We actually don't have too much planned for the weekend. Tomorrow morning, I will be up bright and early as I am volunteering for the Harvest Half marathon. I am getting my cheering voice ready! Oh and did I mention that it's supposed to be 12C and rainy tomorrow while today is 26C and sunny? I feel bad for the runners! I know I am dressing warm tomorrow morning. Other than that,  I am going to do a long run on Sunday and enjoy the weekend :)

What do you have planned for the weekend? Hope you have a great one either way!

ps- one more week until Victoria! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well hello there

It’s already Thursday which is crazy! This week has been so busy at work….I have been covering for a co-worker for the past two weeks, and then this week our receptionist called in sick, so it’s little old me doing everything. So busy days all around!

Last night, Mr.D was at a concert and Harley was sleeping after a big day from doggie day care, so I decided to take a bike ride along the trails and take some pictures. The number one thing I love about where we live, is that it’s less than a km to the trails which go around the subdivision and along the coulee. It’s so gorgeous right now with the leaves changing and the beautiful weather we have been having.


Days like that make me never want to move from our area. That and wish that the snow wouldn’t come. Ever. Got that memo Alberta?

That’s all I’ve got for this Thursday. Can you tell I am over this week?

How is your week going? What is something that you love about your neighbourhood?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Melissa’s road race {race report}

Well, my second half marathon has come and gone by already! As I’ve said before, this training cycle went by really fast.

This half marathon taught me two things:

1) now matter how your training goes, your body can have a totally different idea come race day
2) running is a huge mental game

Before the race

I think my biggest issue for this race was the fact that my stomach was acting up for three days before the race and especially the night before the race. Let’s just say that the toilet and I made close friends on Friday night, which lead to an emergency run to the store for some imodium. It lead to me being a little dehydrated and feeling really nervous about the next day.

The race didn’t start until 10:40am, so we were able to get up at 7am and still make the hour drive to the race start. We car pooled with Nicole and her husband J, so they came to our house at 7:45am and we were off shortly after there. We arrived in Banff just after 9am, and had no trouble finding parking, which was one of my worries. We walked over to the race site, and picked up our t-shirts. It was weird as we picked up our numbers the day before, but had to get the shirts the morning of. We had some waiting around to do, and before I knew it, it was time to line up!

Pictures thanks to Nicole!

The race

The course was an out and back with a loop in the middle that we had to circle twice. The course itself was gorgeous as we were running along the golf course and were surrounded by mountains. There was ~1200 people running the half, so I was constantly around people, which was nice.

The first 10k of the race I was feeling great and running between 5:20-5:35 kilometers.  Shortly after there, things started to go downhill for me. I think it was a combination of the heat (it was an unseasonal 29C that day), not enough water stations (there was three throughout the whole course), last night’s stomach issues and crappy roads with lots of pots holes and gravel. The next 10k were focused on not thinking about having no more water,  being too hot and the cramp that developed in my side around 16k. That cramp was so painful that I could barely run, which meant I basically walked the last 3k of the race. I was so frustrated with my body and the cramp, that I did all I could to hold the tears in. I would try to run and my body quickly shut that idea down!

Finish line/after the race

Coming around the last corner, I told myself to run it in and it took all of my strength to do so. I ended up with a finishing time of 2:06, which was well off my last half, but not surprising considering how much I walked. I came 72/138 in my age group and 615/1133 overall. I crossed the finish line, met up with Mr.D and proceeded to cry. Not my finest moment, but I was so frustrated at that point.

If you can zoom in on this picture, I look so focused/ mad

Mr.D later told me that from the look on my face coming into the finish line, he could tell that I was frustrated, mad and about to cry. He knows me so well Smile

The race didn’t have any medals, but rather gave out free beer. Since I’m not a beer drinker, and Nicole & J had to be back in Calgary for a wedding, we left about 15 minutes after I finished.

Final thoughts

  • making friends with the toilet the night before the race is never a good thing
  • if that happens, make sure to drink a lot of water!
  • running is a huge mental game. I let things get to me this race, and it beat me down.
  • the course was gorgeous, but the road we were running on SUCKED at points. Dodging pot holes and gravel is never fun
  • not enough water stations! Granted, no one expected 29C weather in the mountains in late September, but they could have used at least two more water stations
  • more cheering sections were needed. They had two bands on the course, which was definitely not enough
  • I’ll be back to redeem myself Melissa’s race Smile

Monday, September 26, 2011

{weekend recap}

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous! We had temperatures of +29C, which is unheard of for this time of year in Alberta. I could use a few more weekends of it Smile

{friday} I got home from work and we headed out for dinner at the Olive Garden. After loading up on carbs, we headed home for a early night to bed. Unfortunately, my stomach starting acting up again when we got home, which was not a good thing for my race the next day.

{saturday} We were up bright and early, as Nicole and J were coming to our house for 7:45am. We packed up the car and car pooled to the race, which was in Banff about an hour away. Full race recap will come tomorrow Smile We got home from the race just after two and lots of lazing around the house was done.

{sunday} The morning was spent doing laundry, vacuuming and hanging out the house. In the afternoon, I ran some errands while Mr.D went biking. Another pretty lazy afternoon, but it was the perfect ending to the weekend Smile

How was your weekend? What were you up to?

Friday, September 23, 2011

{happy friday}

Happy Friday everyone! I am so, so excited that it’s the weekend. This week has gone by so slowly!

Most important thing about today? It’s Alison's birthday! Happy birthday to you, Alison Smile I hope Justin and Cruz spoil you rotten Smile

This weekend, we are:

  • going out for dinner tonight to Olive Garden for a little carb loading
  • running my second half marathon tomorrow! Mr.D is running the 10k
  • we are car pooling with Nicole and her husband J who is pacing for the half. Nicole unfortunately won’t be running, but her and baby will be cheering us on Smile
  • relaxing and icing on Sunday morning

What are you up to this weekend? Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I’m just going to come out and say it…I think I have Three Things Thursday ADD, as I am going to change it again.

This week, I am going to throw three questions out to the blogging world and hopefully you answer them Smile Feel free to leave three questions for me to answer too.

{one} how many beauty products  do you have under your bathroom sink right now?

I probably have close to 20 that are in constant rotation. Those include face wash, cream, hair products, etc. I probably have another 15 that aren’t being used right now in the hall closet. I have a problem I know!

{two} if you could meet any blogger in real life, who would you meet and why?

This is a tough question as there many great bloggers out there who would be fun to meet for different reasons.

{three} when you shave, do you use shaving cream or another product?

I haven’t used shaving cream probably since high school. I usually use body wash or shampoo/conditioner.

Let’s hear your answers! Smile have any questions for me?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random, random, random

It’s only Wednesday and this week has been crazy at work! I am so ready for Friday. Because of that, I am doing a bullet style post today

  • I tried out a new hair style that some might have seen on Twitter the other day. I found it on this blog and it’s super duper easy!
  • I also tried curling my hair this morning with my flat iron ala Paula. Hers looks much better than mine!
  • it’s supposed to be 20c for my half marathon on Saturday! Gorgeous, gorgeous weather!
  • I was so tired yesterday…it might have had something to do with Harley getting up at 4am to puke. I can’t imagine getting up multiple times per night with a kid and still functioning the next day!
  • only 18 days until the Victoria half marathon. Craziness!

Tell me something random today Smile

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Training Tuesday

Week eleven

Total kilometers

Swimming: 0
Biking: 0
Other: Fitnessista’s arm workout 15 minutes



Overall, another great training week. My knee started to hurt on my long run on Sunday, so I am hoping it feels better for next weekend.

I still can’t believe that this week is the last training week and that my next half marathon is this coming weekend! It has gone really fast, which is crazy.

How is your training going?

Monday, September 19, 2011

{weekend recap}

Well hello again Monday and another busy week.  Please be kind to me Smile

{friday} Mr.D was gone biking and camping with some co-workers, so Harley and I ran some errands and then went to the dog park. It was a pretty lame night, as we were in bed by 10:30pm. Party animals we are Winking smile

{saturday} I headed to the mall in the morning to return a pair of boots. I was also looking for a birthday gift for Alison and a pair of jeans for the both of us. Yes, I can buy Alison jeans as we wear the same size and have identical styles Smile I managed to find both plus a dress for the wedding in October we have to go to. Mr.D came home in the afternoon and we watched Bridesmaids. Have you seen it? There are some funny parts, but not as great as I thought it was going to be. Later on, we headed out to meet Alison & Justin for dinner at the Stonehill Pub. It was great to hang out and chat with them Smile

{sunday} After procrastinating for over an hour, I finally got up and went for my long run of 16k. It went pretty good! After my run, I had an ice bath, which Harley thought he better supervise. By supervise, I mean drink the water. Silly puppy!IMG_0569
The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house and getting groceries.

How was your weekend? What were you up to?

Friday, September 16, 2011

{happy friday}

So, so glad that Friday is here! This week and probably the next two will be super busy at work for me. I don’t mind it because it makes the days go by faster, but that means less blog reading time for me Sad smile Haha.

This weekend, we are:

  • heading to the mall to return a pair of boots I bought. I thought I liked them, but I’m not 100% on them, so I’d rather to wait until I find a pair I LOVE
  • going out for dinner with Alison & Justin on Saturday night
  • 16k run on Sunday. Last one before my next half next weekend!

Tell me: what do you have planned for the weekend? Hope you have a great weekend either way!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

This three things Thursday is going to be a little different. My birthday is coming up in just over a month and the other day Mr.D was asking what I wanted, so I thought I would do a post and hope he reads it Smile

{one} Running shorts from lululemon. I am sure either the run: speed short or turbo run short would work Smile

{two} a gift certificate for a spa to get a facial or much needed pedicure. I’ve never had a facial, but I am sure I would enjoy it.

{three} A simple sterling silver cuff bracelet similar to this one. Any idea of where to find such a thing in Canada?

Mr.D if you are reading, and are totally stuck on something to get me, I would be more than happy with a new lulu tank or a Nike dri fit shirt. I am pretty easy to please Smile

Tell me: when is your birthday? If it was your birthday, what would you be asking for?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quick & easy DIY

This blog hasn’t had a DIY project in a while, so I thought I would show you an easy and quick project that I did last weekend. I saw a similar idea on Pinterest, but decided to put my own spin on it.


  • frame of your choice {I used a frame from our guest book at our wedding}
  • scrapbook paper {had it left over from the wedding again}
  • whiteboard marker


  1. cut your scrapbook paper to the size of your frame
  2. I traced some letters onto the paper to spell out “to do” and “notes” but you could free hand that or leave it out
  3. insert paper into frame
  4. write a way on your new “to do” frame!



Someone was begging to be on the blog and I couldn’t say no to this cute face :


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Training Tuesday

Week ten

Total kilometers

Swiming: 0
Biking: 0
Other: 30 for 30 body weight work out (52 minutes), 30 day shred level 3 (20 minutes)

10 kilometers


Another hot week of training! I am not complaining too much though because it has been beautiful weather for Alberta in September and I am not ready for winter. This week is supposed to be 10 degrees cooler, so that will be nice.


On a random note, I added another tab below my header called running. I am going to link to any running product reviews that I have done/ will do. I also added the songs that are on my running playlist right now. I always like to find new songs, and hopefully it helps someone. I will warn you though… it’s a random mix of music!

Monday, September 12, 2011

{weekend recap}

Another weekend has come and gone….this month is flying by already too!

Today is Lindsey's birthday, so make sure you stop by her blog to say happy birthday Smile

{friday} I had the day off and it was fantastic! I slept in in the morning and then went for a run. I had some running around to do in the afternoon, which included picking up the book called Room from the library. I ended up getting really into it and finished it by Sunday! Have you read it? When Mr.D got home from work, we headed to the mall as I was searching for a new suitcase. I ended up getting one from The Bay as I had a gift card left from the wedding and it was 60% off!
Only another month and I can use it for the girls Victoria trip!

{saturday} In the morning, I got some stuff done around the house and then in the afternoon, we went to watch Mr.D’s old rugby team play. It was a gorgeous day out so I didn’t mind!
Harley forgot that he was a dog and was sitting in the bleachers on the beach with us. It was hilarious!

{sunday} I had my long run to do, so I set out on a new route. It was actually really nice to change it up as my new route went by some bathrooms and I needed them! Overall, it was a good run and only one more long run left until my next half! When I got home, I took Harley to the park and then we had a nap. It was a perfect Sunday Smile

How was your weekend? What were you up to?

Friday, September 9, 2011

{happy friday}

Happy Friday everyone! Best part of today? It’s my earned day off, so I am enjoying the day and getting a few things done Smile

I must mention something important about today….it’s Amber's 23rd birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day Amber and that Eric and the furbabies spoil you Smile Make sure you stop by her blog to wish her a happy birthday!

This weekend, we don’t have much planned again. I have a few things to get done today …pick up a book from the library, cancel my gym membership, etc. I have my second to last long run before my half in three weeks and Mr.D is going biking one day with a friend. Other than that, we are just doing whatever we choose Smile

What do you have planned for the weekend? Whatever it is, I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy 1st birthday!

Today is Harley’s first birthday! I can’t believe that he’s a year already…time seriously flies by. He is still very much a puppy though!

Warning, this post is going to be a picture overload!

Our first days with Harley

Christmas 2010

Poor guy got really sick one day!

The removal of his manhood

Fernie 2011

You have caused many tears, sleepless nights, laughs, belly pets, etc, but I am so happy you are in our lives. Nothing beats how excited you when we get home from work (okay so maybe it has to do with it being dinner time for you, but still Winking smile).  You are the perfect companion for cuddling and walking, well Mr.D is up there too! So excited to see you continue to grow, but don’t grow too fast.

Happy birthday Harley!


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