Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Hello Thursday, I am happy to see you Smile You being here means one day closer to the long weekend. And that makes me happy Smile

I haven’t done this for awhile, so for TTT I decided to bring back the post series called “would you rather”. You know you love it.

{one} Would you rather be stuck on an island alone or with the person you hate the most?


I think alone personally. Well depends on how big the island was and if that person had anything to share to survive or help get you off the island. Nice aren’t I?

{two} Would you rather drink a bottle of ketchup or a bottle of mustard?


I hate mustard with a passion, so even though it would be gross, I would have to say ketchup.

{three} Would you rather totally forgot who you were or forget who all of your friends & family were?

Both would suck, but I would have to go with myself. It wouldn’t be fun to be completely alone and not know any of your friends and family.

Your turn, let’s hear your answers!


  1. Person I hate, it is still company and I hate being alone!
    I hate ketchup - so mustard. I had a really bad childhood experience with ketchup that scared me for life ;)
    I agree - forget who I am!

  2. 1) Person I hate! Because really, you may end up liking them eventually. It's happened to me before. And it would keep things interesting.

    2) Mustard. Something about ketchup makes me think I can't keep it down.

    3) I guess who I am. But I don't know if it would matter. Because if you forget who you are then the relationships you have don't mean anything anymore. You may KNOW who the person is, but if you don't know yourself - you won't know you're in love with someone or not, etc.

  3. Tough questions today, Leigh!

    1. Person I hate the most.
    2. Mustard (I am not a ketchup girl....)
    3. Forget who I am because then my family and friends could re-teach me who I am :)

  4. I choose alone, ketchup andddd forget myself. :D

  5. Person I hate - I am independent but not THAT independent! Ha

    Ummm. Gah. Ketchup is too sweet but mustard is too sour. I'm gonna have to go with ketchup.

    Forget myself - but then wouldn't I forget who my friends and family are too?

  6. These are hard this week!!

    1. Person I hate the most. Perfect opportunity to work things out!

    2. I don't mind mustard, but I think a whole bottle of ketchup would be easier to eat than a whole bottle of mustard.

    3. Probably forget friends and family because I think it would be easier for me, and them to deal with than not knowing who I am, and therefore who they are.

  7. 1. Alone. For shizzo.

    2. I think mustard betcause it is a little bit smaller of a bottle usually. ;)

    3. Forget myself...

  8. 1. Alone for sure.
    2. I HATE mustard. Gross. So Ketchup for sure!
    3. Myself. The other would be too depressing.

  9. 1- I think with a person I hate. At least there's someone to help me get things done. Plus, if he or she starts driving me completely crazy, I can always use my homemade spear to kill him or her and I'll have a little extra meat to eat. (yeah, I thought about this one way too much)

    2- Mustard. I really don't like ketchup very much.

    3- Forget myself. Then I wouldn't be lonely.

  10. 1 - alone
    2 - mustard
    3 - this is tough ... likely forget myself, then i would be blissfully unaware of what was happening!

    have a super day!



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