Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

This three things Thursday is going to be a little different. My birthday is coming up in just over a month and the other day Mr.D was asking what I wanted, so I thought I would do a post and hope he reads it Smile

{one} Running shorts from lululemon. I am sure either the run: speed short or turbo run short would work Smile

{two} a gift certificate for a spa to get a facial or much needed pedicure. I’ve never had a facial, but I am sure I would enjoy it.

{three} A simple sterling silver cuff bracelet similar to this one. Any idea of where to find such a thing in Canada?

Mr.D if you are reading, and are totally stuck on something to get me, I would be more than happy with a new lulu tank or a Nike dri fit shirt. I am pretty easy to please Smile

Tell me: when is your birthday? If it was your birthday, what would you be asking for?


  1. Nice job with the hints ;)
    I got my bday present over a month early this year - tickets to see the Wicked musical!

  2. Ahh I got a text from my little brother last night asking what I want for my birthday--which to my horror is only in two weeks! How did that happen?! We find out the gender of Baby R a few days before so I think that kind of overshadowed anything. Sadly--the only things on my list are definitely NOT on a college kid budget, haha. Or hell, MY budget!

    I really want a keurig, a gift certificate for a pedicure and a deep freezer for the garage (gotta stock up on meals before this kidlet gets here!). I am SO exciting these days...

  3. Good list! :) Mine is on the 23rd, next Friday! :) When is yours again?
    I want a new windshield for my car! ha ha And a lulu GC too. But my bday present from Just was my Taylor Swift tix!

  4. My birthday is in February. I really ant a NICE camera for my birthday. I've been wanting it for a few years now. John wants an iPad for his birthday next month. I told him that if he got an iPad which is the same price as a NICE camera, then I better get a camera for my birthday! I think it's only fair.

  5. You're not asking for much, I think Mr. D can accommodate. ;)

  6. i love that bracelet. it is very pretty and simple.

  7. My birthday is October 24th. The last of Lobb birthdaypalooza. I want the Keurig from Costco and Lulu gc. When is your birthday?

  8. Great list! Especially the lululemon requests. I say he should just get you a gift card to lulu so you can go shop your little heart out :-)

  9. I love my Lululemon running shorts! I don't think you can go wrong there! ;)

  10. My birthday isn't till March, and I would like some new clothes!!

  11. For the record, I looove my lululemon willpower shorts. They are great! For runs and the waistband is wide and super comfy.

    I also love their racerback tank. So comfy and great for all types of sweating! I love birthdays. My boyfriend is so not a planner and would have a very difficult time actually buying me something I had been asking for. :)



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