Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well hello there

It’s already Thursday which is crazy! This week has been so busy at work….I have been covering for a co-worker for the past two weeks, and then this week our receptionist called in sick, so it’s little old me doing everything. So busy days all around!

Last night, Mr.D was at a concert and Harley was sleeping after a big day from doggie day care, so I decided to take a bike ride along the trails and take some pictures. The number one thing I love about where we live, is that it’s less than a km to the trails which go around the subdivision and along the coulee. It’s so gorgeous right now with the leaves changing and the beautiful weather we have been having.


Days like that make me never want to move from our area. That and wish that the snow wouldn’t come. Ever. Got that memo Alberta?

That’s all I’ve got for this Thursday. Can you tell I am over this week?

How is your week going? What is something that you love about your neighbourhood?


  1. Oh my gosh. Gorgeous!!

    The leaves are just starting to turn here and it is so pretty! I love fall!

  2. Fall in Alberta is the best and I miss it so much. As absolutely BEAUTIFUL the leaves are here, I will always miss fall in Alberta (and because it is humid, the leaves don't crunch under your feet- thus just sort of rustle). The skies are so blue there, there is that smell that is perfectly "fall" and everything about it is wonderful.

    One thing I love about my neighbourhood is that it is close to everything. I can walk to get groceries, get a coffee, and if the weather is good- I can walk downtown!

  3. Love it! I second the no snow! please and thanks.

  4. This week has been dragging, but boy has fall hit you up there! These photos are beautiful and I love how orange everything is!

  5. I love this time of the year! And our weather is so awesome right now too! I took a few fall pics the other day too, great minds think alike ;)
    I am fairly close to a trail system which I love and we are also almost on the outskirts of Red Deer so easy access to the highway.
    Crazy busy week here too, cannot wait for the weekend!

  6. Wow that is gorgeous. The leaves don't look like that here yet!!! I wish we lived that close to paths like that. We live really close to trails but they are real gravel, roots, steep trails. I have to drive to get to a decent path for biking!

  7. I was just thinking that when we were driving to your place on Saturday!

    I am not ready for the leaves to fall off though!! Make them stop!

    I love the pathways in our neighborhood too- wish the city would hurry up and connect them to the next community so we can go farther!!

  8. My favorite thing about my neighborhood is the river and various bridges. I heart bridges for some reason. :)

  9. Beautiful! I love Cochrane's pathway system. We access it across the street and are by the river in about 2 minutes. It's great.

  10. I'm incredibly jealous! Fall is technically upon us, but here in Northern California, the temperature is still pushing high 80's F, and the leaves aren't changing yet. I love when the temperatures drop, there's a brisk feeling to the air, and the landscape is a riot of color. However, your photos are gorgeous, and I will live vicariously through you, and also use this as motivation to take my own bike and picture taking trip next week.



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