Monday, October 31, 2011

{weekend recap}

This weekend’s recap is going to be a little different. I decided to recap my weekend in picture form with a few words Smile

dinner with blogging friends turned real life friends on Friday

working on the never ending to do list

a trip to Michael’s so I could start a DIY project

eating too many halloween treats

too many loads of laundry

made delicious pumpkin sticky buns

a tired puppy after a puppy walk with Alison & Cruz

a workout on the bike trainer while watching MTV’s I Used To Be Fat. Great motivation!

So, how was your weekend?

Friday, October 28, 2011

{happy friday}

Oh Friday, how happy I am to see you! This week was quiet at work, but I am so ready for the weekend.

This weekend, we are:


  • the rest of the weekend will be spent doing projects around the house that are on our to-do list
  • might throw a run in there too Smile

Tell me: what are your plans for the weekend? Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great weekend! Smile

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday

{one} Thank you all so much for your comments, tweets and Facebook comments saying happy birthday yesterday. You definitely know how to make a girl feel special Smile Mr.D made me a delicious dinner while I got to work out and then sit back and relax. Can’t beat that Smile

{two} How is October almost over already?! It’s already getting dark out by 6:30, soon to be 4:30 once the time changes in a few short weeks. I am not looking forward to that. BUT I am looking forward to putting up our Christmas tree, so I guess that makes it almost worth it.

Look how tiny Harley was in front of the tree last year! He still sits like that too, silly dog

{three} I start my crossfit classes next week and I am already scared! If you can be scared in a good sense, that’s me. I guess I just don’t know what to expect besides getting my butt kicked and learning some new things.

One last thing: photo (13)

Those boys of mine sure know how to pull at my heart’s strings Smile

Tell me something on this Thursday Smile

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Quarter Century Leigh!!


It’s Mr. D again, back for another birthday post for the greatest wife in the world! Last year was easy as I could just regale you with the tale of meeting Leigh and falling in love with her. This year I decided that I would recap the year that I had with Leigh and the things she did that absolutely amazed me.

The biggest change from last year to this year was the addition of our puppy Harley. We got him shortly after Leigh’s B-Day, and sometimes I feel that I kind of pressured Leigh into getting him. Tough first couple days, we slept on the floor in the living room, but he was so cute that the few inconveniences were well worth it.IMG_1096

Not only did Leigh have to put up with a new puppy, but she also had to put up with my moustache. I had decided to raise some money for cancer research by growing a moustache for Movember. Now I am not a man that can sport facial hair very well, so you can imagine how Leigh felt for the entire month having to kiss this face.


Like I said, Leigh is a trooper.

Leigh’s biggest development this year was in running. I have always thought of running as something you do to get in shape for a sport, or to try to lose weight. I never could imagine that anyone would enjoy running, or want to run in a long distance race…. FOR FUN!! The idea of running further than 10 km still makes me shake my head, so when Leigh said she wanted to run a half goddamn marathon, I thought to myself NO WAY! To me that is a distance reserved for those individuals that are bred for long distances, not for a normal person. Leigh went in with everything she had and finished her first ever half marathon in under 2 hours! I know she was super nervous, but you could never tell before the race.

photo (9)

I thought that first race would be the only race and Leigh would be satisfied. How wrong I was. It was only the beginning of a new chapter in her life that she is passionate about. She ran a sprint distance triathlon (which I didn’t think would be hard, until I witnessed the entire thing).IMG_1357

I’m not sure when Leigh will run another triathlon, but I know that she will definitely try another one.

Leigh is still running and now she is talking about running a full marathon next year. Again that is a distance that is unfathomable to me.

Now on to some birthday stuff. Here is something I like about Leigh; She tells me exactly what she wants for her birthday so that I don’t have to think of a gift that might be what she wants. Here is something I don’t like; Leigh buys herself items from said birthday list before her birthday. Now not necessarily a problem, unless it is something that I have already purchased for her for a birthday present. That is what happened this year. There goes half of her birthday present (although somehow she suckered me into letting her see the shorts I bought her, and she decided that she wanted to keep them, and she got them early!!! So sneaky) and now I really hope she likes the rest of her present so that I don’t look lame.

Ok I just realized how long this post is and I’m beginning to ramble so I better close this up now.

Leigh, I love you, and this past year has been super busy and super awesome. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us, but whatever it is I know we will be able to tackle it together.

Happy Birthday Leigh.

Love Mr. D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Favorite things Christmas swap: partners

blog swap

Hi everyone! Thank you to everyone who put their name in for the Christmas blog swap. Lindsey and I are excited that so many people wanted to participate Smile

After we had all the blogger names who were interested in participating the swap, we drew names for the partners. We decided to jumble all of the names up as opposed to two people swapping back and forth. Hope that is okay with everyone!

Ok, so here is how it works. Find your name on the left hand column in the table below and the name in the right hand column is the person who you will be sending something to. We have linked to their blog, so you know who you are sending it to Smile In the next day or so, I will be sending individual emails to everyone with your swap partner’s email address. Please contact your partner for their mailing address and mail the package accordingly.

**there are few duplicate names, so I specified your blog title beside your name so you can tell who is who Smile **

Your name Your swap partners name
Lindsey (a running tale) Alison
Leigh Lena
Erin Amber
Brittany Deb
Amber Destini
Alison Ashley (life as I know it)
Taren Jill
Ashley (life as I know it) Shannon
Jill Brittany
Lindsay (a small town kind of life) Rachel
Rachel Ashley (the Johnston’s)
Stacy Taren
Lena Lindsay (a small town kind of life)
Deb Leigh
Destini Erin
Shannon Nicole
Ashley (the Johnston’s) Jenny
Bonnie Ashley (miss Ashley)
Ashley (miss Ashley) Lindsey (a running tale)
Kristen Bonnie
Jenny Stacy
Nicole Kristen

Just a few reminders:

  • The packages are to go out by Friday, November 25, 2011 so people will receive them around the beginning of December
  • Once you have received your package, please post about it Smile
  • Lindsey and I will be doing a link up post in the beginning of December, so everyone can link to that and see what everyone received
  • You only have to spend $20 before shipping on the package
  • Have fun with the package ideas! I know I already have a few brewing in my head Smile

If there are any questions, please let Lindsey or I know. Hope everyone enjoys this swap! Smile

Monday, October 24, 2011

{weekend recap}

This weekend was fun, but bust at the same time! I can’t believe that October is almost over already…this month and year are flying by!

{friday} I had the day off of work, so I enjoyed a wonderful sleep in! I had a hair appointment in the morning, which was greatly needed. After my hair was finished, we packed up our stuff and made the three hour drive to my in-law’s house.

{saturday} We were up bright and early to take Harley to a new kennel outside of the city. We were less than impressed with the responses we were getting from the owner of the kennel he went to in August, so we decided to try out a new one that was recommended to us. After dropping Harley off at the kennel, we headed home to get ready for our friend’s wedding. Both the ceremony and reception were pretty, and it was a fun night hanging out with friends we don’t get to see enough.







{sunday} As Harley was at the kennel, Mr.D and I got to enjoy a sleep in, which was amazing! After enjoying the morning with my in-laws, we headed out to pick up Harley (who did great the kennel!) and made the long drive home. We spent the afternoon catching up on shows and making chili. Perfect ending to a Sunday Smile

How was your weekend? What were you up to?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random is the name of the game

Today is my Friday (I have tomorrow off) and my brain doesn’t want to work, so today’s post will be all sorts of random.

  • I am getting my hair done tomorrow and can’t wait! It’s been too long
  • I tried the no heat curls yesterday and it worked out so well! You can see the curls in the picture below
  • We have a wedding to go to this weekend and I can’t decide which dress I should wear. Thoughts?


  • my birthday is in less than a week. As Lisa pointed out on Twitter yesterday, birthdays are fun because you get cake. That reminds me to ask Mr.D to pick up a DQ ice cream cake Smile
  • Has anyone else downloaded the update for the iphone? I really like how if you are in the middle of something and receive a text msg, it just appears at the top of the screen and not in the middle of screen.
  • today is the last day to enter in the favorite things Christmas swap. Make sure you leave a comment if you want to join Smile

So, tell me something random about your week!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick and easy Halloween decorations

On Sunday afternoon, I had the sudden urge to decorate for Halloween, so decorate I did! I had a bunch of stuff left over from last year and only did one small DIY project.

Here is how it turned out:


A tutorial for the candy corn wreath can be found here


I found the Halloween word print here. Super cute and easy!

The orange and black pumpkins in the pictures are actually toilet paper wrapped with tissue paper! There are lots of tutorials around the internet, but all you need is:
- a roll of toilet paper
-a flyer
-tissue paper or fabric of your choice,
-a stick

Wrap the toilet paper in the in the flyer and tuck into the hole in the middle of the roll. Do the same with the fabric/tissue paper. Insert the stick in the middle and tie it with a bow. Super easy and cheap to do! Smile

Now all we need to do is buy the Halloween candy!

Do you decorate for Halloween? If so, have you done any fun projects that you can share?


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