Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick and easy Halloween decorations

On Sunday afternoon, I had the sudden urge to decorate for Halloween, so decorate I did! I had a bunch of stuff left over from last year and only did one small DIY project.

Here is how it turned out:


A tutorial for the candy corn wreath can be found here


I found the Halloween word print here. Super cute and easy!

The orange and black pumpkins in the pictures are actually toilet paper wrapped with tissue paper! There are lots of tutorials around the internet, but all you need is:
- a roll of toilet paper
-a flyer
-tissue paper or fabric of your choice,
-a stick

Wrap the toilet paper in the in the flyer and tuck into the hole in the middle of the roll. Do the same with the fabric/tissue paper. Insert the stick in the middle and tie it with a bow. Super easy and cheap to do! Smile

Now all we need to do is buy the Halloween candy!

Do you decorate for Halloween? If so, have you done any fun projects that you can share?


  1. Love halloween decos! Love those pumpkins, I shuold make those with Lily tonight! :) Looks great!

  2. Ok, I gotta ask. A flyer? Like a piece of paper? I like that pumpkin idea because you don't really waste anything. You can use it all after you take it apart!

  3. The orange tissue paper pumpkin is SO CUTE! I decorated my cubicle at work and plan to post pics soon on my blog :)

  4. Great Halloween ideas!! I am definitely going to steal the pumpkin idea! How do you hang wreaths over your mirror?

  5. CUTE!

    I picked up a little pumpkin at the Farmers Market last weekend which is now proudly displayed on our wine cabinet. That is my extent of "fall decor" :) Hehe.

  6. We don't celebrate Halloween. We never have. I'm already thinking Christmas :)


    I'm just getting in the mood to decorate for Halloween... J & I carved pumpkins on Sunday, so it's starting to look a bit festive around my house!

  8. you are so good at decorating!!

    I kind of hate Halloween.. I know, I know, I am a fun hater! So I do not decorate!!! The holiday I decorate for is Christmas!!!

  9. Awww they turned out SO cute!



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