Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random is the name of the game

Today is my Friday (I have tomorrow off) and my brain doesn’t want to work, so today’s post will be all sorts of random.

  • I am getting my hair done tomorrow and can’t wait! It’s been too long
  • I tried the no heat curls yesterday and it worked out so well! You can see the curls in the picture below
  • We have a wedding to go to this weekend and I can’t decide which dress I should wear. Thoughts?


  • my birthday is in less than a week. As Lisa pointed out on Twitter yesterday, birthdays are fun because you get cake. That reminds me to ask Mr.D to pick up a DQ ice cream cake Smile
  • Has anyone else downloaded the update for the iphone? I really like how if you are in the middle of something and receive a text msg, it just appears at the top of the screen and not in the middle of screen.
  • today is the last day to enter in the favorite things Christmas swap. Make sure you leave a comment if you want to join Smile

So, tell me something random about your week!


  1. I like dress "A" the best. And the curls look great.

  2. I like the strapless. And the last one cause I helped pick it out! :) Heatless curls?

  3. Your hair looks great!! Hot rollers are still my go-to tool!

    I like dress A or B (A best). Dress C is a little too casual- nice for work though (at least at my office. I have a similar dress)

    J did the iphone upgrade and likes it. It took forever though!

  4. The first dress, A !

  5. Love dress B- it's so cute and fun! Nice curls!

  6. I like the third dress, the purple one! I always find if my back is bare I freeze!
    Ice cream cakes are the best :)

  7. BAHAHA. Mr. D's feet in those photos crack me up big time!

    Dress A for sure. I really like Dress C too but I feel it's more of a "work dress" :)

  8. Where's the wedding? If it's indoors and churchy, I say the dress on the left. But if it's more casual/fun, I say the dress in the middle. All of them are cute, but the one on the right looks more for work.
    Love the curls! See? You can do them!

  9. Ok, in google reader the "one on the left" is A and the "one on the right" is C. Hee

  10. Ice cream cake is my favorite!!

    And I like the last dress the most...though the other girls are right, guess it depends on the venue, etc. I know someone may have mentioned it could be too casual, but I definitely think it could be dressed up with the right heels and accessories:)

    Have a blast

  11. I like the first and last dresses. I think the 2nd one is cute, but is more summery because of the fabric/print. You look adorable, and I love the curls!!

  12. I love C! You'll have to give us more details on no heat curls! Looks great!

  13. How did you get the iPhone update? I want it!

    I like the purple dress the best.

    I'm excited for your birthday!!!

  14. I like dress A and B. Tell us more about the no heat curlers. I'm very interested.

    I did the update and am loving it. I too like how a text pops up at the top. No more interrupting.

  15. Oh and I love ice cream cake too.

  16. 1. Dress A
    2. I need the deets on these curlers.
    3. YAY it's almost your birthday! But I fear your card will probably not get there by then...



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