Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Training Tuesday

Now that my third and final half marathon has come and gone, I thought I would be pretty happy to be done with training and not stuck to a rigid schedule. In all honesty, I want a training plan to give me the motivation to work out! I have been keeping up with my running, but my heart hasn’t been in it. At the same time that I want a plan to stick to, but maybe a break from training and just enjoying myself is what I need.

I am still trying to decide what marathon to run next year. I am trying to decide between the Scotiabank Calgary marathon or the Intact Edmonton marathon. Here are my thoughts on both

Calgary marathon

  • the course is pretty nice as this is the half that I ran this year
  • close to home
  • takes place at the end of May which equals winter training
  • also means it could be a cold morning
  • a HUGE hill right in the middle of the course

Edmonton marathon

  • the course is flat, which means fast (well maybe Winking smile)
  • my in-laws live five minutes away from the start/finish
  • takes place in the middle of August, which means more spring and summer training
  • could be a hot day
  • being in August, I could run the Calgary half marathon as part of my training and to motivate me

Ah, it’s so hard to decide! Can someone make the decision for me?! That and choose me a training plan while you are at it Smile

For those of you who have run a marathon, how did you choose which one you would do? And what training plan did you use?


On a side note, if you are Canadian and haven’t joined in the favorite things Christmas swap and want to, make sure you send me an email by Thursday Smile


  1. Tough choice... Edmonton one has more pros other than not being here...? You could to the lake when you are done for a swim! :)

  2. I too like to have a plan! I don't run though so I plan my workouts out each Sunday night usually, and put them in my iPhone calendar. Based off your list I'd go with the Calgary marathon. That hill will be tough but it's in the middle so it may make the end of the race seem easier, and that's a time many hit a "wall"!

  3. I think they both sound great! You could plan to do Calgary (not sign up right away) and start training for it in January and see how it goes with winter training. If you discover that Calgary winter + 20 mile long runs don't mix just do the half in Calgary and do the full in Edmonton!

  4. That would be a hard choice. My fall marathons have been a bit stronger than spring ones because I think it is pretty hard to train through the winter. But if you can get outside 1-2 times per week and have access to a treadmill, you can definitely manage. There are some good plans through RunnersWorld.com, McMillan Training and a few marathon books that can be helpful. I would also look into a marathon training group in Calgary to have some other folks to slog through the long miles with. ANd don't forget - cross training is key!

  5. Go with a flat course. Hills are EVIL! :)I can send you the training plan that I used with Team in Training. Let me know and I would be happy to share!

  6. Tough call... I would lean towards Edmonton, but the weather is a big wildcard on that race... I've be more worried about a hot August day than a cold May day...

    As far as training goes, I highly recommend finding a group to train with. For training plans, I have always done Hal Higdons, except when I did this half, I just did what my coaches did and only ran 3 days a week - and PR'd - so I think that says alot... I have heard good things about "Run less, run faster" so maybe check that book out?

    For me, I choose marathons based on where I want to run. It needs to be scenic and somewhat flat. I won't run a marathon just to run a marathon - somethign about the course has to be desirable (usually the location). And I prefer fall or early winter marathons because I don't know if I can do long runs in like -20F weather!!

    Very excited ot see what you go with!



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