Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weekend in Victoria {part one}

I am going to apologize in advance as I have a feeling these recap posts might be a little long winded and plenty of them. I can’t help it, it was such a fun weekend that I just want to remember it all Smile

My trip started on Thursday night when I flew into Kamloops to stay with my cousin. Things were going well until my flight was delayed for an hour. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things as it was only going to get worse! The flight went off without a hitch, arrived safely into Kamloops only to find the last bag going around the carousal and it wasn’t mine. It looked a lot like mine, but it wasn’t mine as my name wasn’t Mitch. My cousin and I were standing there waiting for my bag and I noticed a guy pick up a suitcase that looked a lot like mine (just a little foreshadowing) and jokingly said to my cousin it would be funny if he took the wrong one. Well, turns out he did take the wrong one! A kind Westjet man was able to track down his name and telephone number and Mitch quickly turned around and brought my suitcase back. I could have survived without it, as I had taken my shoes as a carryon, but I was glad to have it back. After that debacle, we headed back to my cousin’s house for some dinner and catch up time.

The next morning, I met up with Amber and we started our 4 hour drive to Vancouver to meet up with Lauren and Lisa at the lululemon outlet. I was able to find some great deals (two pairs of shorts for $30!), which made me happy SmileAfter our stop at Lululemon, we made the short drive to the ferry. The best part of this day? Literally running to catch the ferry! It was just a little warm up for Sunday ;) The ferry ride to Victoria was 1.5 hours and had gorgeous views.


Once we made it safely to our hotel, we set out on foot to find some dinner. We ended up at a small Thai restaurant for pad thai, which was delicious! After dinner, we made a pit stop at the Bengal room in the Empress hotel for dessert. I didn’t eat any as I was still full from dinner, but it looked delicious!


The next morning, we took our time getting up and ready before heading out to John’s Place for some brunch. It was a small one off quirky type of restaurant, but had delicious food!


After brunch, we made our way towards the race expo to pick up our race numbers. This was starting to feel real! The expo was pretty busy, but wasn’t very exciting. Nothing compared to the race expos in the States!


Once our race numbers were picked up, we did a little more exploring around the area. It is such a gorgeous city and we lucked out with fabulous weather! We had some down time in the hotel room to rest our legs before setting out for our carb loading dinner. Amber had found out about a restaurant called Pagliacci’s, which had a great reputation for good food. We arrived there around 5pm and found out the wait was close to 1.5 hours. We decided to stick it out, and it was worth it! If you are ever in Victoria, I definitely recommend it. We all had the small pasta dish, which was more than enough food! And the bread was to die for. I am still dreaming about it.


With our bellies sufficiently stuffed, we made our way back to the hotel as it was early to bed that night!

Next up: the race, Sunday afternoon shenanigans, and the longest travel day on Monday Smile

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  1. 2 pairs of shorts for $30?! Wow! Sounds like you girls had a lot of fun :)

  2. Looks fun! :) Glad you got your bag back!!!

  3. So much fun! Reading everyones recaps and then looking at all my photos last night made me miss you girls so much. It was SUCH a great weekend!

  4. I am so jealous of your lululemon shopping spree!! I haven't indulged there in a few months and am feeling deprived!

    OMG I would have died if my bag went missing!! I always tie a yellow or pink ribbon on the handle to differentiate my bag from others. Silly Mitch!!

  5. Aw, it is so fun to read everyone's recaps. The pics make me miss you all so much! It was such a wonderful weekend, I wouldn't change a thing!!



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