Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend in Victoria {part two}

Ok, let’s see, where did I leave off? Oh yes, we had just finished stuffing our bellies with delicious pasta and were turning in for an early night.

As I said in my race recap, we were up and at em at 5:45am. Not a pretty time to waking up for this morning hating person. Once Amber, Lisa and I crossed the finish line, we hobbled back to our hotel to shower, stretch and get ready to watch Lauren cross the finish line of her marathon. It was kind of emotional watching her and the others finish… I think that’s where my marathon itch is coming from Smile


Once Lauren was cleaned up, we headed out in search of food as we were all starving! We ended up at the Cactus Club Café as our search for Mexican food did not work out so well. With full bellies yet again, we did a little walking around and one last tour of the race expo. We headed back to the hotel for some down time aka naps, which were glorious.


After our naps, we hobbled into two different pubs for some delicious pub food. It was a great night spent eating, chatting and talking about life. We had zero disagreements over the weekend and we all got along so great Smile We swapped plenty of life’s stories….I especially liked the chafing story. Make sure you ask Amber about that one Winking smile

The rest of the night was spent cleaning up the hotel room and packing our bags as we had another early morning wake up call. We caught an early bus to the ferry and luckily we didn’t have to run this time for the ferry. I think we were all relieved about that part! The views from the ferry, although foggy this time, didn’t disappoint.


After the ferry ride, Amber and I said good bye to Lauren and Lisa. Sad face. The weekend seriously went by so quickly and I wasn’t ready for it to be over! I think we need to do it again SOON girls! Smile

Once the goodbye’s were said, Amber and I made the four hour drive back to Kamloops. A big thank you to Amber for driving the whole way! I stopped in at my cousin’s house again and then was off for the airport. If you didn’t catch that, my transportation for the day was: bus, ferry, car, car, plane, car. Phew!

It honestly seems like just yesterday that Amber asked me if I wanted to come on the trip with the girls and now it’s gone by in a flash. I am sad it’s over, but I had a great time and there were plenty of laughs over the weekend. Lisa, please make sure you watch out for bus doors and trees! Haha.

Amber, Lisa and Lauren: thank you for being so much fun and for including me in the weekend. I had a blast!


  1. So cool. Love that you guys all met up and did that. So fun! :)

  2. I had SO MUCH FUN! I'm so glad you came. It does feel like yesterday we were planning it doesn't it??

    Miss you guys lots. We have to do this again!

  3. Sounds the perfect girls weekend!! They always go by so quickly!

  4. I can't believe the weekend has come and gone already... I hate how fast time flies when you don't want it to! I had a wonderful time!

    And yes, I will be very sure to watch out for bus doors and trees!! I had some near catastrophes!

  5. I guess you just all need to get together to run the Vancouver marathon :)



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