Monday, October 3, 2011

{weekend recap}

Oh Monday, how I am never glad to see you come. But I will give you something, I am excited because it’s a four day work week for me. Because I am meeting up with some fabulous ladies on Friday!! (so excited!)

This weekend, we:

{friday} I took Harley for a run after work, and it was stinking hot out! Close to 25C in September which is crazy. After our run, we went to pick up chinese food. So, so yummy! I was off to bed early that night because…

{saturday} I had to be up bright and early as I was volunteering for the Harvest Half marathon. I was assigned to be a course marshal and luckily was with another lady . It was actually a lot of fun watching the runners come by and cheering them on! It started raining and was super cold, but nothing an afternoon in pjs’s on the couch couldn’t fix Smile I was amazed how many people said thank you for volunteering as they ran by. Definitely makes me have a new appreciation for volunteers now. After I was done volunteering, I came home and had a delightful nap on the couch. The rest of the day was spent lounging around the house and watching Bad Teacher. Has anyone seen it?


He totally stole my pillow and blanket! Good thing he’s cute SmileIMG_0607
We thought it was hilarious how he was laying on the pillow

{sunday} I spent the morning doing some cleaning and then went for my last long run before Victoria next weekend. It was a little chilly at first, but definitely warmed up. Other than that, I did stuff around the house and enjoyed the weekend.

How was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. It sure was chilly to start on Saturday! Harley is too damn cute! Yay for 4 days then your trip! :)

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend! I'm glad you had so much fun volunteering!! This weekend was Eric's first full weekend off since MARCH. So we slept in a bit, went to the farmers market, went to the dog park, did some shopping, laid around and watched game of thrones, I went to yoga saturday evening. Sunday I dragged my butt out the door for my last long run and then we just laid around all day and went for a big hike and out to eat with my brother last night!

    See you SOON!

  3. you were on my mind a few times this's been so long since we've emailed. i hope you're well and sounds like you had a rewarding weekend :) XO

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Hope the temps cool off for you, running in the heat is no fun.

  5. And you're not gonna tell us if you liked Bad Teacher or not? Sheesh. You throw it out there and then leave us hangin'!

  6. Homie steals my pillow and blanket all the time. He is too cute, I can't say no! :)Harley is precious!

  7. Yay for short work weeks and going away for the long weekend!!

    Glad to hear you had a good experience volunteering! Were there very many runners?

    Harley is so cute! My cat sleeps on my pillow almost every night! It's adorable!! I am sad that I will have to kick him out of my room soon :(

  8. Your Sat am was identical to my Sunday, including the post-volunteering nap!! :) I got a lot of thumbs up and thank yous, too. Which made me feel really good about being out there.

    I am SO excited ot see you on Friday! Eeks, we are going to have so much fun together!!

  9. What a wonderful weekend you had! Harley is such a cute pup :) I heart him!

  10. I think its great that you volunteered! :) I can't believe how big Harvey has gotten!

  11. sounds like a perfect weekend. your dog is precious!!!
    xo TJ



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